Such an "underwear model" should not have a child model.

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Originally published as There shouldn't be a single "lingerie model" like this! 01 Playing the edge ball of soft pornography with children, Who is doing evil? Eileen Chang's phrase "Be famous as early as possible" has recently been pushed to the forefront of the storm because of the chaos in the child model industry. A netizen posted an exposure of a children's underwear shop, questioning that the model pictures used on its sales page were playing the edge ball of soft pornography. From some of the product pictures displayed in the post, it is really uncomfortable for children to kneel on their buttocks, look back at their waists, tighten their private parts and take close-ups from above. Pictures of children's underwear shops exposed by netizens Expand the full text Most of the children's underwear on a certain treasure are not displayed by models. I didn't expect to get the response that "people with unhealthy thoughts see everything dirty". It was not until the post was finally moved to multiple platforms, triggering heated discussions, that the merchants began to replace the store pictures. A netizen who claimed to operate a children's wear brand also made a supplementary explanation, saying that the official has issued a notice requiring stores to "urgently investigate children's soft pornography". Netizens have not been able to breathe a sigh of relief at this point. Almost every year, the chaos of children's soft pornography, which makes onlookers angry, will be staged on various platforms for several rounds. Behind the increasingly rampant similar incidents, it is directed at an unfathomable grey industrial chain. But like the controversy over soft pornography in children's underwear stores, it is difficult to characterize it as a direct "money-goods transaction" in the past. Some netizens were even confused at the first time they saw these photos: "Are lingerie stores using edge ball gimmicks to disgust potential customers?" In January this year, a batch of children's soft pornographic expression packages appeared on a lifestyle APP. A large number of photos of Internet celebrity children were photoshopped with words such as "I am greedy for your body" and turned into "driving" emojis to be shared. Under this kind of post, most of them will attach the producer's WeChat. A reporter tried to add several accounts and found that the other party was either charging for divination or purchasing micro-businesses on behalf of others. The purpose of sharing emojis is mainly for drainage. There are many similar examples. Min Sijia, a media person, criticized the "pedophiles" on the short video platform in early January. The reason is that some netizens found that there are a large number of accounts on some short video platforms that use children to play pornographic edge ball. In such videos, boys and girls will expose their body parts to varying degrees, and even make some highly suggestive movements. The original video commented that his son only wore shorts to eat, and asked him to remove the bowl that blocked his crotch. The content of the comment section is even worse. It seems that this is just using the name of short videos to open the door for pedophiles. Strangely, however,personalised tailor tape, some of these accounts do not appear to be commercial operations. Those accounts named after children are more like parents sharing their children's daily life. The original video shows the boy practicing "one word horse". Due to the development of e-commerce, live broadcasting and short video, more and more children have become potential "commodities". There is no clearly marked price, but it will still be displayed in front of the camera by parents. Faced with the influx of attention and praise, they may not have time to think about what kind of harm the comments and sexual innuendo will do to their children. In recent years, there has been a lot of controversy about child soft pornography. However, it is easy to confuse the public in the name of business under the cover of such identities as child models and Internet celebrities. Adults have really ignored the industrial chain of using children for profit for too long. 02 There is no right to refuse. There is no freedom of acceptance. For a long time, child models and little Internet celebrities have been synonymous with bright and beautiful in the eyes of ordinary people. In 2019, the child model Niu Niu was beaten,seamstress measuring tape, revealing the survival chaos of child models and little Internet celebrities. In the exposed video, Niu Niu's mother asked her 3-year-old daughter, "Can you cheer up?" As soon as the voice fell, he kicked his daughter again. This scene was evaluated by netizens at that time as "not educating children, but repairing cash machines". While the incident was hotly discussed by netizens, the child model industry behind it also caused a lot of discussion at that time. Children under the age of 10 can earn 30000 yuan a month or even 30000 yuan a day by shooting six or seven hours a day. The temptation of economic interests makes more and more parents "look forward to their children becoming stars". As a spectator, most ordinary people can only see the decent side of child models and little Internet celebrities. Few people reflect on when children who become "child laborers" to satisfy the desires of adults become tools. Google, the first child model in Zhili, has been interviewed by the media. At the age of 6, she has been able to say the official words "I must try my best to take a good picture so that all the customers are satisfied" when facing the camera. A person in charge of an advertising company explained in an interview that child models are generally precocious because they come into contact with many strangers during the shooting process. An observation program of Golden Eagle Cartoon once followed a child star, Xiao Xiangyu. She was only 6 years old when she took part in the show, but she was already an experienced drifter. In the program, the mother who used to be a journalist has been emphasizing that her daughter loves acting very much. He also said that at first his father and grandfather did not agree with the child to take this road, but later felt that she liked it from the bottom of her heart, and the whole family decided to support it. But later in the program, bra tape measure ,garment measuring tape, Xiao Xiangyu confided her feelings to the camera. She said her goal was to become a superstar, and like the people who are famous now, there are many people who like her. It can also be seen from the continuous follow-up that the child has not yet formed a clear understanding of the performance and the identity of the actor, let alone love it. Maybe it was never acting that she was obsessed with. It's the Vanity Fair that my parents say that becoming a big star can be liked by many people. No one can tell whether parents are pushing their children into the industry out of a desire for material gain or simply because they think that high exposure and high returns are good for their children's future. Even some parents may just place their unrealized dreams on their children. But the confluence of various purposes has created a strange situation in which a family is now supported by children. In fact, many parents of little Internet celebrities have been questioned about using their children to circle money. A big family of cute baby emojis in China has been scolded for her mother's lying to win sympathy. In a live broadcast, the mother of the child said that her daughter's hand was pinched by a door when she was a child and had no money for treatment, so she fell ill. He also said that he was slowly saving money and would have an operation later, earning enough donations from netizens. As a result, it was revealed that the cute baby's finger was actually a congenital defect. In foreign countries, South Korean Internet celebrities Luo Xi, Quan Lv Er and Gavin, the "smirking boy", have caused some controversy because their parents have received too much business cooperation and their children have shown fatigue in activities. The so-called young fame, for these children, is it a halo or a shackle? 03 When children become adults The victim of "killing the goose that lays the golden eggs" While accusing parents of child models and Internet celebrities of using their children as money-making tools, concerns about their children's physical and mental health have also been widely discussed. When Luo Xi's parents broadcast live late at night, they forcibly woke up their daughter and greeted her fans, which attracted the opposition of netizens to "abuse children". Later, Quan Lv Er was arranged to eat by his mother, and the menu contained high-calorie food such as fried chicken hamburgers, which was considered to be "exchanging health for money". Worries about unbalanced nutrition and inadequate rest have been surrounding child models and little Internet celebrities. In Dongguan, 5-year-old child model Xiao Wei once fainted because of physical exhaustion. The @ GQ report revealed that in Zhili, the "hometown of Chinese children's wear", popular child models often shoot until 11 or 12 P. m., and can only do homework and rest between work. For these children, overwork is not uncommon, and hunger and exhaustion have become the norm. Such a life is hard to say healthy. In South Korea, the experience of child model Lee Eun-chae is even more disappointing. As her mother is a beauty blogger, Lee started skin care at the age of 4 and makeup at the age of 6. After her debut at the age of 6, she quickly attracted fans with her good appearance and delicate makeup. So her mother opened a channel for her to teach fans to make up and do their hair. The accident happened at the age of 12. The girl has barely grown since she was about 10 years old. Her parents took her to the hospital for examination and learned that her actual age was 12 years old, but her skeletal age had reached 16 years old. After further examination, it was found that because she used cosmetics too much and too early, the estrogen level in her body was too high, which led to precocious puberty. Four years of precocity and closed bones mean she has little room to grow taller. The Daily Mail reported that a British mother began injecting her child with Botox to remove tiny lines from her face from the age of 8 in order to win the beauty contest. Subconsciously, parents and even ordinary netizens have become accustomed to demanding these children by the standards of stars. Even gradually, they are trained and packaged into mature commodities in public opinion and work. Child models and little Internet celebrities bear too much pressure from the outside world, such as the expectations of parents, the abacus of training institutions, and the swords of the business world. When child star Arale's popularity soared with the reality show "Where Are We Going, Dad? 4", some crazy parents followed suit, saying that they wanted to train their children to be "the second Arale". After the broadcast of Where Are We Going, Dad? 4, Baidu Child Star Bar was once very active. According to Jiefang Daily, the 3-year-old chestnut was sent to a special training class for the same reason. Just one month after the training, the child had mental problems. Later, the doctor diagnosed Chestnut with depression. People around said that the chestnut mother cheated the child. The mother lost herself in the overwhelming advertisements of early education training, the doctrine of "being famous as early as possible" and the vanity of her parents. Whenever a similar controversy arises, there are always some people who will stand up and refute it, saying that children do not necessarily enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by cameras. On the short video platform,custom tape measure, there are also some children of primary school age who secretly shoot videos to win the attention of the public. Those children who are highly expected by their parents are often good-looking and good at singing and dancing. It does seem reasonable that the spotlight is on them. But is there anyone who wants to be a big star at birth? It doesn't matter whether the kids want to be famous or not. The important thing is who sowed the seeds of fame and wealth in the hearts of these unworldly children. They are also forced to become puppets in the name of love. ↓ Vista Look at the World New Media Recruitment ↓ Thank you for reading here. We have prepared more exciting content for tomorrow. If you don't want to miss it, set Vista to see the world as a star. Vista "Look at the world", enter the homepage of the official account. Step 2: Click ".." in the upper right corner. 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