Super thief

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"It's finally over. Let's get out of here!" About to leave this copy, wandering heart suddenly appeared a feeling of reluctance, playing this game for a year, countless copies of customs clearance, but never a copy gave her such a thrilling excitement, let her leave when there will be a feeling of attachment to the copy! "I'll sneak out first, although it's unlikely that someone will ambush outside, but it's better to be careful." Xiao Hua thought about it. Or said cautiously. Wandering heard the words and nodded slightly. In order to prevent too many players from entering the NPC and causing congestion, after the player leaves the dungeon, different player teams will appear in different places within 800 to 1000 meters from entering the dungeon NPC, and the player will get an absolute safety time of 20 seconds at the moment he returns to the outside world. Neither hostile players nor monsters can deal damage to it. It is a kind of physical work to block people outside the copy, and few people will do such a thankless thing, but it is not impossible for thousands of people to block them when the frozen union is a big union. When the state of blindness disappeared, Xiao Hua entered the stealth state, chose to leave the copy, the scenery changed, he returned to the snow. At the same time, Abri also appeared beside Xiao Hua, flapping his wings and flying low. It was quiet and there was no one around. Looking at Abri who followed him out of the copy, Xiao Hua ordered: "Abri, fly high,Pallet rack beams, observe the situation around, and see if there is anyone." Abrey flew more than ten meters into the air, looking around with a pair of sharp dark eyes. At six o'clock in the evening, it was already dark, but Abri could still have a panoramic view of the scenery within nearly one or two hundred meters! "There is no one in the distance except some monsters!" Abri reported with certainty. Come out, there's no one outside. Xiao Hua nodded and chatted privately to Piao Ling. Wandering in the camp waiting for the news of Xiao Hua, after receiving the news,Warehouse storage racks, also chose to leave the copy, and then her figure gradually faded away in the camp. At the moment when the wandering figure disappeared completely, in the camp cabin, the black magician Ferreira's hand holding the needle suddenly stopped, and the needle disappeared from her hand without a trace. Ferreira slowly rose from the stool, and in the process of standing up, her body underwent amazing changes! Her thin, wrinkled hands and face, as if they had regained life, began to regenerate rapidly, and in the blink of an eye, after she stood up, the old woman who seemed to be dying at any time no longer existed, but was replaced by a young and beautiful sorceress in her twenties! Young Ferreira's eyes were no longer cloudy, but shone with wisdom and coldness. With a shake of her elastic arms, warehouse rack manufacturer ,Narrow aisle rack, the dress she had been sewing turned over, revealing the true face of the dress, a dark red, high-class magic robe with gold and black edges! Ferreira draped the dark red magic robe over her body, stretched out her hand, and suddenly a long mahogany staff covered with black magic crystals appeared in the air. Grasping the staff in his hand, he pulled out of the cabin and walked to the middle of the camp. There was a fire burning vigorously in the camp, but as Ferreira approached, the light suddenly dimmed and then went out completely. Firella stood beside the extinguished fire, raised her mahogany staff and made a few circles in front of her forehead, muttering in her mouth. The mahogany staff, more than one meter long, suddenly fell from the air and hit the ground heavily. A boundless black gas suddenly surged from under her feet and spread rapidly around the silent forest.. In the snowy jungle, Piaoling and Xiao Hua, sitting on a fiery horse, are running back to Piaoxue City, while Abri is resting on Xiao Hua's shoulder. Abrey, you are my follower. I heard that followers have some special needs, such as having a house and so on. I don't know if it's true or not. Xiao Hua remembered that his house was still uninhabitable for the time being, and decided to ask about the situation. Now Abri is very useful. It's not worth it to let it live in that damned house and die. Oh, the need is by the person, the more noble the race and identity, the higher the need. For me, a lumberjack who can live everywhere, I have no special needs. I just hope that my master will not restrain me too much at ordinary times and let me fly freely everywhere. I have been imprisoned by the evil black magician for decades! Abri said honestly. What about your usual diet and so on? And how can I contact you when you fly away? "I can handle my own diet. In this body, I don't need to eat too much. It's better to look for food everywhere. It's the only thing I can do now.". If the master wants to find me, just call me in his mind, and I can hear your voice in the same regional map. Well, it looks really good. It's not only not troublesome, but also very convenient. If my master has nothing to do now, I want to leave for a while. I can't wait to fly into the air and see the outside world. Abri's eyes looked around curiously and asked. It's all right, whatever you want. With permission, Abri flapped his wings and flew into the air, disappearing from Xiao Hua's field of vision. To be honest, your followers are really good. I used to have a player I knew who also had a follower, but it was very troublesome. I completely lost interest in followers when I saw them. But now I look at Abri and think it's good to find such a follower. Wandering listened to the dialogue between Xiao Hua and Abri, and said with a little sigh and envy. Hey, wait for the next chance, Abri, don't think about it. Xiao Hua said with a little pride. An hour later, two people returned to the snow city, drifting into the snow city before changing a set of equipment, but also not afraid of someone to recognize her. In front of the warehouse, the two men took out all the items and gold coins in the warehouse, as well as the equipment on their bodies, and all of them were traded to Xiao Hua. All right,heavy duty racking system, I'm going to delete the number and rebuild the character. In about half an hour, I'll come here to see you. At the end of the transaction, he breathed a sigh of relief and said. All right Xiao Hua nodded his head.