Comprehensive Film and Television: Hooking up with scum

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For a moment, Li Yuxin was strongly trembled by her words of complaint. He looked at her so gently that he could

For a moment, Li Yuxin was strongly trembled by her words of complaint. He looked at her so gently that he could rub out the water, but he deliberately said: "I'm just a strange man you met now. How can you violate the law of etiquette and make such a transgressive act?" Zhou Xiao deliberately leaned close to Li Yu's ear and exhaled like an orchid: "When Ehuang saw one side of Lang Jun, he hurt his lovesickness. Now the medicine stone is ignored. Shouldn't Lang Jun take some responsibility?"? Besides, in the face of human life, etiquette and law should be put aside for the time being, asking Lang Jun to save Ehuang ~ The maids blushed, apparently hearing it. But this time Li Yu didn't give in shyly. He gently pecked a few times on Zhou Xiao's face and motioned to Qinger to hand him the medicine: "In that case, I will promise the little lady once." Systemic sadism: Forgive me for only thinking of the disgusting adjective. Zhou Xiao: Yes. After drinking the medicine, Li Yu wrapped Zhou Xiao in his cloak and prepared to carry her back to the bedroom for a nap. Zhou Xiao clenched his skirt tightly and said coquettishly, "I'll dance for you after taking a nap, and then you'll be completely intoxicated with my graceful dancing posture and love me so much that you can't stop, OK?" When Li Yu heard her childish words, his heart was very soft. Ok, Ehuang, can you go to bed first? Be good. Li Yu did not notice that he treated his wife more and more like a doting child. Zhou Xiao was satisfied and closed his eyes on Li Yu's shoulder. System: It's time for the general education class again. The content of this class is the Nishang Feather Dance. Zhou Xiao: I knew it. Ask you how much sorrow you can have. In the autumn afternoon, the sky is high and blue, and the bright sunshine passes through the gallery of the dance hall, shining like a long ribbon on the central dance hall. The autumn wind is cool, blowing tiny dust particles constantly flying in the sun, Zhou Xiao wearing a silver-white gorgeous dance dress, standing among them like a misty dust fairy. Li Yu,gold cil machine, also wearing a silver-white robe, sat leisurely and casually not far away, smiling at the corners of his mouth, fondling the guqin with both hands, but his eyes were always focused on pursuing Zhou Xiao, as if he could only see you in his eyes. Zhou Xiao could not help sighing: He is really an extremely elegant man. In the field of talent, he is the king who looks down on all living beings. Every move he makes is full of dignity and self-respect. But now the king is willing to play for you alone, which is a great temptation for women. No wonder Zhou Ehuang gave up mature and steady Mr. Zhao and fell deeply in love with this romantic and affectionate man. In this way,portable gold wash plant, a man should not be disturbed by the world, but live gracefully and wantonly in his own world. System abuse: Xiao Xiao, you speak highly of him. Zhou Xiao: in short, this is a man who make people extremely want to keep for themselves. Zhou Xiao looked at Li Yu with touching eyes. She turned around with the music, lowered her waist, shook the feather fan in her hand to cover half of her face, and threw a charming eye at Li Yu. As soon as Li Yu breathed, his men accidentally dialed a wrong tune and appeared to be somewhat flustered. Zhou Xiao said, the mood is more happy. She gracefully withdrew her fan, brushed her wide sleeves, and gave Li Yu a bright but naughty smile. The tune is off again. Systematic sadistic exclamation: it is very easy to hook up with the man. Zhou Xiao does not agree: that is because Zhou Ehuang used to get along with Li Yu too much status, has a beautiful face but failed to make good use of, people before and after all strive to be dignified and elegant, Li Yu can not enjoy such treatment. Dressed in light green costumes, the dancers came in turn, manganese beneficiation plant ,gold shaking table, shaking the red feather fans in their hands, forming a circle around Zhou Xiao, putting the feather fans together into a blooming peony flower, and Zhou Xiao was one of the beautiful stamens. When the latter tune stopped, she raised her right hand, held a fan in her left hand, half leaned on the dancer behind her, turned around and smiled, and hit Li Yu straight. Li Yu stood up and felt his heart beating fast. He looked at Zhou Xiao, and his body passed through the dancers step by step. When he woke up, he had already held Zhou Xiao in his arms. Ehuang, God has given me a great blessing to hold hands with you in this life. Li Yu murmured. Zhou Xiaohui hugged Li Yu and was moved to say, "Ehuang has the favor of the ruler of the country in this life, and she has nothing else to ask for." I do not know when, the others have consciously all retired, leaving the couple in love. The sky has begun to turn pale orange, Li Yu through the gallery, looking at the sunset shrouded in the ups and downs of the mountains in the distance, he tightly hugged Zhou Xiao's arm, said softly: "I have always yearned for seclusion in the mountains, accompanied by my love of green mountains and waters, every day accompanied by clear bird calls, stepping on the sunset singing home, even if I am willing to live in poverty.". But now, you should be added to this wish. "Ehuang," Li Yu grabbed her shoulders and looked at her carefully. "Would you like to accompany me to indulge in the mountains and rivers?" Zhou Xiao smiled, opened her lips and said, "I wish to go with you." Li Yu is usually afraid that others will laugh at him for his cowardice and incompetence. He has no ambition. He has been afraid to put his real desire into his mouth. Today, on impulse, he confessed this wish to his wife. Unexpectedly, he was understood and followed by Ehuang. For a time, he was overjoyed. For a long time, depression was swept away because of the backlog of state affairs. Ha ha ha ~ "He laughed heartily, and even picked up Zhou Xiao and turned around excitedly," Ehuang, I'm so happy.. " Systematic abuse: This child is really easy to cheat. Zhou Xiao has been looking at Li Yu with a smile, allowing Li Yu to vent his heart freely. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a pink figure leaving at the head of the gallery. System abuse: Sister Jiamin was hit. Zhou Xiao: It doesn't matter. I will give her an ecstatic blow. For several days in a row, Li Yu put down the affairs of the state and accompanied Zhou Xiao to recite poems and paint, plant flowers and enjoy the moon, go boating on the lake, sing and dance. Where Li Yu and Ehuang had visited before, Zhou Xiao pulled Li Yu to review it, but it was different from the tender feelings in the past. Li Yu deliberately stirred up Zhou Xiao's blush and heartbeat every time, almost every time he wiped his gun. But the doctor is obscure but firmly under the doctor's advice, flaunting his considerate care for his wife Li Yu can only feel the cool heart again and again, but the heart is flying ecstasy taste. On this day, Li Yu rarely went to court to deal with the backlog of state affairs for many days,tin beneficiation plant, and Jiamin's sister couldn't wait to visit her sick sister. "Zhou Xiao snorted coldly," I finally can't stay. "" Not seen. Zhou Xiao replied lightly to Qinger, "tell her to go back and take good care of Yixuan." 。