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For a moment, Li Yuxin was strongly trembled by her words of complaint. He looked at her so gently that he could

"Whew.." Qin Tian exhaled heavily, sweating like rain all over his body, his clothes were soaked through, the deep sound of the flute almost made him die, the taste of heartbreak was too uncomfortable. Had it not been for his quick reaction, Qin Tian would have died here, thinking that the dwarf said that the sound demon had degenerated into a demon for the sake of the devil. The white silk skirt flutters down, a woman holds the bamboo flute, the facial expression hangs the light sadness to fall slowly, as if the heavenly girl descends to earth generally. The woman is beautiful, very beautiful. It is heartbreaking to have a touch of sadness on her pretty cheeks. Qin Tian's eyes were stunned and he couldn't help saying, "There is such a beautiful woman." "And a woman who plays the flute." You can change'flute 'to'xiao' when you read books, because you are worried about big river crabs, so there is no way, ha ha.. Chapter 281, the woman who plays the flute. Chapter 281, the woman who plays the flute, to the website. Chapter 282, very silly, very naive. Chapter 282, very silly, very naive. Thanks for'TappingMoonlight 'reward again, thanks for'Miaozhi Dim' monthly ticket support,Glass Cosmestic Containers, Lao Niu thanks very much!!! ———— Women are beautiful. 《》 The beauty that makes people move. White and flawless cheeks, clear eyes with a touch of sadness, a touch of yearning, that kind of temperament is like a fairy. But she's not a fairy, she's a demon. Fall into a demon for love. Ruthless, murderous female devil, sound demon Yingying, a red diamond-shaped mark between the eyebrows, the breath released on the body with a low killing,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, the flute in the hands of blood red clank bright, faint dark gas slowly flowing around the flute. Magic Flute. Legend has it that it is made from the bones of a fallen immortal in the universe. It is specially brought to her by the devils from the outer world. It contains extremely powerful power. In the ancient Demons, the sound demon Yingying has an indispensable position, in addition to the magic sound attack, her cultivation has also reached the realm of Dzogchen, and is only one step away from the mighty saint. Because of love, he degenerated into a demon, and it was also because he saved the devils that he was put into the Demon Array. For tens of thousands of years, he would play a song of lovesickness every day, and his heart was full of yearning for the devils. When she heard Qin Tian say that she knew the whereabouts of Tianmo, she immediately put away the magic attack, and her mind was shocked. She had waited for tens of thousands of years in this dark cover array, but her heart had never changed. Do you know the whereabouts of the devils? "Tell me, where did he go? Why didn't he come to save me?" Sound demon face anxious, eyebrows slightly wrinkled, looking at Qin Tian instant. Sanctuary Qin Tian Lengbuding back half a step, Glass Cream Jars ,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, a fragrance inhaled into the nose, suddenly there is a kind of relaxed and happy feeling, floating in general. Boom! The divine power of the dragon and elephant in the Dantian suddenly broke out, and the power to suppress evil immediately resisted the faint fragrance. At the same time, Qin Tian suddenly opened his eyes and sobered up a lot. He felt a burst of fear in his heart and secretly said, "Mei Gong?!" Just a little close, almost let Qin Tian into the array can not extricate themselves. Many people will be attracted by her beauty for the first time, and unconsciously their minds will be attracted by her, and then they will lose their minds and become her slaves. Had it not been for Qin Tian's practice of suppressing all evil forces, the Dragon and Elephant Taixu Sutra, I'm afraid she would have almost become a slave around the sound demon at this time, with only her in her eyes, doing whatever she said, even at the expense of self-mutilation. Know Qin Tian did not show a look and said softly. Come on, where is she? Sound demon tone anxious way, trembling with excitement, for the first time in tens of thousands of years to hear the news about Tianmo, how can she not be excited? Tianmo is a dream-haunted lover. How can he not be excited. Sound demon excited, did not deliberately hide, so Qin Tian heart is also clear at a glance, but how should he say? Tianmo died tens of thousands of years ago. But if this is said, it is difficult to guarantee that she will not be angry, it is normal to kill a person in anger, not to mention that she is a demon, killing, hearing that the man she has been looking forward to day and night has long died, how can she not go crazy? Women are crazy, Qin Tian has a deep understanding. (《》 Not to mention the witch is crazy. But he said he wasn't dead. Qin Tian smiled in his heart and said with a serious expression, "The Demon King of Heaven is outside the Demon Formation.". ” "What?" "How dare you lie to me?" The sound demon's eyes suddenly became ferocious. He suddenly stretched out his right hand and grabbed Qin Tian's throat. He shouted angrily, "There is no formation at all. It is passed on through the mind. How can Tianmo be outside the formation?" "Why did I forget about it?" Qin Tian was startled and said that he was sure to round off the lie. Besides, he is the devil. But now born as a demon, it may not lead to any trouble, in this magic array are all ancient trolls, perhaps there are his enemies. Moreover, demonization is his last guarantee in the demonic array, and he will never become a demon unless he has to. What I said is true. "I.. I didn't.. lie to you." Qin Tian was strangled, his face flushed, and he gasped. How dare you lie to me! The power in the hands of the sound demon suddenly increased, and Qin Tian's face turned even redder. "How dare I lie to you?" Asked Qin Tian at once. "He is my savior. If it weren't for the Demon King, I would have died in Qianji Sect. He is now leading the Demons to attack the Immortal Sect, forcing them to use the Demon Array, and then crack the Demon Array." "I was sent down by the Demon King." "Although I am the son of the immortal clan, I am the gold medal 007." "What is 007?" Sound demon cold eyes sweep, eyes cold light almost to penetrate the soul of Qin Tian. Qin Tian is also a stupefied, said too fast, even the previous life of the game'007 'said out, immediately explained: "007 is my code name, meaning undercover." "Now that the Demon Array has been activated, the Demon King is really trying to crack it. He asked me to come down and have a look first." The power in the voice demon's hand lightened a little. He looked at Qin Tian and said, "You?" "Eh?" "Well, I admit, I was discovered by the immortal elder,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, so I was put into this magic array, but the Demon King is really cracking the magic array, I believe you will soon F8 Tuanyun Chunshu!"! Nose dimple Jing Li Chen Bang Gu Vali Han gathered his arms to restore laziness Li Bi Gong Li Yi Huang Li Yi? Br/.