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For a moment, Li Yuxin was strongly trembled by her words of complaint. He looked at her so gently that he could

Feeling the incomparably intrepid Lei yuan, he was overjoyed, and his cultivation seemed to go up, as if there was no end to it. At the same time, the heart is also secretly frightened, his spiritual state of refining body cultivation, but also to absorb the source of thunder, but also by the three thunder arc hit the skin open flesh, we can see how terrible and ferocious the golden thunder robbery arc is. If his refining body does not reach the spiritual state, he must block part of the three thunder arcs before he can absorb them. Otherwise, it's a death wish. It can be seen that he must find the place to refine the body in the fairy world as soon as possible, and then improve his refining level again through the "Sansheng Jue" deduction of the following refining methods, otherwise his future thunder robbery will not be so easy. The cultivation of the spiritual realm has brought too many benefits to him, and several times he has relied on this kind of cultivation to reduce serious injuries. It's just that he hasn't had time to deduce the following exercises, nor has he found a suitable place to practice. Tong Shu three people have just seen Yin Ying's crossing robbery, Yin Ying's thunder robbery although fierce, but still reasonable. But now the thunder robbery is completely beyond the perception of the three people, and Ye Mo's way of crossing the robbery is different from Yin Ying's, he does not even have any defensive magic weapon, so he fights with the thunder robbery. Why is Brother Ye's thunder arc pale gold instead of blue? And Brother Yin's thunder robbery arc came down one by one. Why did Brother Ye's thunder robbery arc come down three times together? Tong Shu asked, Yin Ying and Jiang Jin can not answer,cosmetic packaging wholesale, they also do not know why the thunder arc is pale golden, but also a three down together? As they spoke, six more robust golden arcs of thunder fell down again. Ah, is Brother Ye's thunder robbery over twice? Seeing six strong golden thunder arcs falling again, Jiang Jin could not help asking in surprise. No one could answer her, even Yin Ying, who had already been trained by Jinxian, did not understand what was going on. But this time he sacrificed purple,Blue Bottle Serum, purple split two of the thunder robbery arcs, and the other four thunder robbery arcs completely fell on him. Whew.. Seeing six strong and pale golden thunder arcs falling down, and not letting Ye Mo get hurt, Tong Shu breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Fortunately, Brother Ye's thunder robbery has passed, and there are only two waves of thunder robbery.." Her voice had not yet fallen, and the loud rumbling noise once again made her stop and go on, at the same time looking at the top of her head in disbelief. The nine thunder arcs, which were much thicker than the previous two waves, fell like lightning, and were so dense that they completely covered them. At the moment is not only Tong Shu stay, is Yin Ying and Jiang Jin also completely stunned, where can they think of nine thunder robbery arc after, oil dropper bottle ,Amber Dropper Bottles, and fell nine? Erjiu Thunder Robbery is Xuanxian Thunder Robbery. (To be continued) Chapter 1554 back to the town of black reed. .. co At the moment is not only Tong Shu stay, is Yin Ying and Jiang Jin also completely stunned, where can they think of nine thunder robbery arc after, once again fell nine? Erjiu Thunder Robbery is Xuanxian Thunder Robbery. As soon as the thunder source of the six thunder robbery arcs in front of him was absorbed, nine thunder arcs fell down. Kui felt that he was still a little short of promotion to Jinxian, and the moment the nine thunder arcs fell down, Kui put away the purple, and at the same time the nine thunder arc swords went up. Nine thunder arcs of this intensity are still unbearable for Kui. Boom, boom.. The black thunder arc sword and the pale golden thunder arc collided together and burst into a loud noise. In the midst of the loud noise, there was a slight click, which was the sound of the surrounding air being torn apart. In the loud noise, black and gold filled the air, completely leveling hundreds of feet around, and even ploughing out dozens of feet of gullies. But the black thunder arc is completely swallowed by the light golden thunder arc, is not the opponent of the light golden thunder arc at all, nine light golden thunder arcs swallow the thunder arc sword, instantly all fell on the body. Kui's expression did not fluctuate at all, he did not want to destroy all these thunder arcs, for him, these thunder arcs are the best source of practice. Although he was blocked by his own thunder arc sword, the effect was a little worse, but it was enough for him. Nine have been offset by the robbery of the thunder arc fell on the body of Kui, Kui had already opened the flesh of the body was again beaten flesh and blood flying. Kui is still not surprised, just crazy to absorb Lei yuan. The thunder source of the nine robbing thunder arcs was quickly absorbed, and the breath of Kui was soaring rapidly at the same time. His cultivation is also rising and rising in a straight line. Just as he was about to break through the Jinxian barrier, more than a dozen golden rays shone on his head again, and eighteen thunder arcs rushed down. And these eighteen thunder arcs seem to be much more powerful than the previous nine. His face changed at once. Eighteen such golden thunder arcs fell, and even if he resisted with a thunder arc sword, he would inevitably be killed. At the moment, he was more and more sure that this kind of thunder robbery was to obliterate him. Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible to have this kind of thunder robbery against the sky. Yin Ying and Jiang Jin, who were watching the robbery, were completely dull. This is already 49 thunder robbery, 49 thunder robbery is the thunder robbery of Xuanxian Friar's promotion to Dayi Xiandu, how can it appear on the body? And even if you want to appear on the body, it is not this way of falling thunder, ah, nine behind the eighteen do not even have half a minute of stay time, who can spend? Unfortunately, they can only be anxious in their hearts, but they can't help at all. Jiang Jin sighed from the bottom of her heart, and she vaguely guessed that her ability was too bad. This has violated the rules of heaven and earth. This moment. Run Zhenyuan crazily. He simply could not be distracted to sacrifice the thunder sword and the Baji tripod, or even the purple. He must be promoted to Jinxian before the last eighteen thunder falls on him, or he will die. At the moment, his cultivation is rising. There was a slight sound of clicking. Boom, boom.. "Poof" several mouthfuls of blood spurted out, and he broke through all the meridians and was promoted to Jinxian. And in this moment,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, eighteen thunder plunder arc fell on the body of Kui. When Jin Xian was promoted, once the meridian gap was opened, the speed of his absorption of Lei yuan increased more than ten times.