I am the only immortal _ Tang Jiasanshao _ txt novel paradise

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For a moment, Li Yuxin was strongly trembled by her words of complaint. He looked at her so gently that he could

The six-eared macaque's golden eyes revealed complex emotions, including excitement, nervousness, excitement, and fear. His body trembled slightly. He put his hands together in front of his chest and slowly knelt down on the ground. He said respectfully, "Disdain disciple Lingtongzi to welcome the Patriarch." The clouds in the sky suddenly stabilized, a colorful rainbow passed by, and a colorful auspicious cloud appeared over Moyun Peak. With a flash of colored light, the whole Moyun Peak was completely enveloped. At the same time, the seven Taoists felt an unprecedented pressure filling their hearts. Involuntarily, the seven people knelt on the ground at the same time and clasped their hands respectfully. Compared with them, Daoming Zhenren and Hongzhi were under less pressure, and they were clever enough to kneel down hurriedly. Suddenly there were thousands of rays in the colorful auspicious clouds, and a vigorous voice sounded, "Six-eared Macaque Lingtongzi, when you neglected your duty, we punished you to practice here for six thousand years. Are you dissatisfied?" Every word, like a heavy hammer, sounded in the hearts of the people, so that they can not rely on the idea of reverence, simply can not rise to a trace of resistance. The six-eared macaque said with trepidation, "I would like to report to the Patriarch that Lingtongzi deserves to be punished. There is absolutely no trace of dissatisfaction.". Not long ago,Glucono Delta Lactone, I left here for a few days because I wanted to save a man, and I asked the Patriarch to punish me. He told the truth and dared not hide anything. Everything you've done, we've seen. For the sake of saving my brother, I will forgive you this time, and you will face the wall. Go back with us, and do your duty in the future. The six-eared macaque was overjoyed and quickly bowed down, saying, "Thank you,Sex Enhancement Powder, Patriarch." Colorful light lit up, Lingtongzi's body floated up in the light of the package, slowly to the colorful auspicious clouds. He turned his head, took a deep look at the stone of ten thousand years of cold spirit, sighed lightly, and then merged with the huge spirit of the fairy and rose into the sky. Under the cover of the colorful light, everyone felt that the body had absorbed a lot of Yang and warm Qi, which was worth several years of penance. Under the guidance of Jietian Daozun, they said respectfully almost at the same time, "Thank you for your help, Patriarch." The Patriarch seemed disdainful of talking to them, and with a flash of light, the colorful auspicious clouds disappeared with Lingtongzi. All the pressure has gone with it. At the same time, everyone regained the ability to move. Zhiyun Daozun sighed, "This is the true power of the immortal family!"! I'm afraid this patriarch may be the body of the legendary Da Luo Jinxian. Then Tiandaozun sighed lightly and said, Lactoferrin Manufacturer ,Theobromine Powder, "I don't know when we can become immortals like our predecessors with six ears.". Younger martial brothers and sisters, we have gained a lot today. When we go back, we should practice as soon as possible. "Yes, with respect to the order of the suzerain." Seven blue lights lit up at the same time, and the seven Taoists all disappeared in place. Small! Say !txt! God . Don Chapter 26 breaking out of the cocoon. Daoming Zhenren and Hongzhi stood up from the ground one after another. Daoming wiped away the tears on his face and saluted Hongzhi, saying, "Elder Martial Brother, please give this to you." Say that finish, also turn into streamer and go. In front of the pool, only Hongzhi, who was in a daze, was left. Suddenly, the sound of crying sounded like shaking the earth, startled Hongzhi, turned to look, the original group of monkeys crying in grief. Inside the cold spirit stone, the sea dragon fell to the ground, and he clearly saw everything before. Although he could not hear the sound outside, the deep gaze of the six-eared macaque when he left left an indelible mark in his heart. As soon as he gritted his teeth, the sea dragon said to himself, "Senior, you are waiting for me.". I will become an immortal as soon as possible and go to the fairy world to see you. As soon as the voice fell, an unusually powerful surging force came from all directions in an instant. The mirror on the sea dragon's chest was bright, and his whole body was covered by silver light in an instant. Before he could understand what was going on, he fainted in the huge and hot energy and fell down in the stone pit on the left side. The three kinds of cultivation in the body fluctuate violently, and unconsciously, the sea dragon with deep luck has begun the process of energy fusion. It turned out that when the six-eared macaque left and ascended to heaven, he used all his cultivation to inject as much of the spirit of the fairy as possible from the colorful auspicious clouds into the cold spirit stone in order to help the sea dragon. Although the huge fairy gas was absorbed by the cold spirit stone, but only those, is not the sea dragon can bear, he needs, is a process of absorption and transformation. The meridians in the body of the sea dragon have been strengthened twice, and have already become unusually strong. Although the three kinds of mixed energy in the body are fighting crazily, they can not break out of the cover of his meridians. The small iron bar and the anti-sky mirror emit energy at the same time. The anti-sky mirror protects the internal organs of the sea dragon, while the small iron bar constantly inputs energy into the body of the ocean dragon. In the state of nature, the sea dragon fell into a deep sleep. A long time has passed since I slept. Hongzhi moved his body a few times and felt the gentle Buddha power in his body. He could not help showing a knowing smile and murmured, "Finally, we are about to enter the realm of Dzogchen. As long as we pass this pass, we will practice in the direction of Buddha plunder. I really want to see the Buddha power that even the master is too scared to bear as soon as possible.". Shifu would be very happy if he knew that I had made such rapid progress. Senior Six Ears is right. The Reiki in the Lianyun Mountains is full. With the gourd and monkey wine he gave me, even I was surprised by the speed of Buddha's progress. What a pity! It would be better if there were some delicious food here. Big brother! You've been practicing for so long, when will you wake up? The little clever and I are already a little impatient to wait. As if to verify what he said, a figure floated to Hongzhi's side, "Yes!"! The sea dragon is still not awake, and I am worried to death. Brother Hongzhi, why don't we split this stone from the outside. Your Bodhi bowl is so powerful that you should be able to do it. The speaker turned out to be a big monkey covered with silver-gray hair. Hongzhi smiled and said, "Little clever, it's not as simple as you think.". This ten-thousand-year cold spirit stone is extremely hard, and since the six-ear elder let the eldest brother practice inside,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, naturally there is his reason, we still let nature take its course. After all these years, let's wait a little longer. 。 pioneer-biotech.com