The wind continues to blow

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When I closed the door,Lamella Plate Settler, I saw that many people had jumped out of the car and rushed in our direction. Clouds rise. As soon as I called out, Yunqi gave me a soothing smile. Shh — "he said, motioning me to keep quiet.

However, it seems that this woman does not understand the identity of Yunqi. Watching Yunqi dodge the roadblock and say he was in a meeting, I wanted to snicker, but I didn't feel very good and tried to hold back my laughter. Yunqi closed the line, looked at my smiling face and raised his eyebrows. What are you laughing at? Haven't you learned to use these gentle moves with you after you've been with me for so long? As soon as I said this, I could just laugh in my seat, and there was no image at all. The cloud rises and smiles. I just don't want her to live in shock anymore. Tell her I'm in business now so she won't worry. I stopped smiling and suddenly felt very touched. The clouds rise and laugh again. But it's really a business, an intelligence business. He glanced at me. "Hey, your man is very famous in the industry. He is very popular with female intelligence officers. You should keep a close eye on him." I did not know whether to laugh or cry, and was waiting to fight back, but Yunqi showed an alert look and looked at the monitor screen. My feeling is that there seem to be more and more roadblocks and ambushes. But the cloud also changed the fighting method, changed into I am more familiar with, the thunder used to use that kind of quite low-key side to fight side to flee the way. No more invincible feeling. It's so boring. But I understood that Yunqi naturally had his plans and arrangements, so I sat quietly and kept silent. This kind of swimming is very grinding, while Yunqi drives and counts the time, I saw him looking at his wristwatch several times. I received a few more phone calls from time to time. Finally he drove the car into the city. We had been wandering on the suburban highway before. At this time, there are many cars that survived the sniper battle following us. Seeing that we were passing through the city,fine bubble diffuser, they all became nervous and moved closer. Fortunately, everyone in the city seems to have a tacit understanding, did not use guns, ammunition and other weapons, otherwise the world will really chaos. Now it's just cars coming up to us, trying to scrape and hit. The clouds rose and dodged flexibly one by one, and a few minor car accidents were created. I thought he had a clear destination,Mechanical fine screen, and the car was moving through the traffic, always heading northwest. The further you drive, the more desolate it is. It should be an industrial area to be developed, and many standard factory buildings are under construction. I suspected that Yunqi was looking for a place to fight, and he drove straight ahead. The construction site to be developed used to be a genuine industrial area, with old-style factory buildings, which were not built in a standardized way. I actually saw old chimneys standing behind several walls. Drive further.. Well, I seem to smell a faint salty smell. I looked out of the window, and through some small bungalows, I saw a touch of blue on the horizon. It turned out that we had arrived at the seaside. Ahead is the dock, the cargo dock, where a row of large warehouses are neatly arranged. However, rapid sand filters ,lamella tube, it was a rather deserted dock, with no human voice, and a large container crane parked beside it, which seemed to have not been driven for a long time. This is supposed to be an abandoned pier. Well, there have been a lot of movies, and it seems that gangsters always like to choose such places to fight or trade. Yunqi drove the car straight to the open space in front of a container warehouse before stopping. Get off the bus He ordered me. I saw a long gun that looked like a submachine gun in his hand. Is he really going to fight these pursuers of the Dragon Gang? After thinking about it, I still try to get off as quickly as possible. In the midst of his busy schedule, Yunqi actually smiled at me: "You can rest assured that the scene of a hail of bullets will not appear. I have never been a person who relies solely on force." He also got off on the side where I got off. The other side leans against the warehouse, and the car in front is just our cover. Hold me. He ordered me in a low voice and pressed me unceremoniously. It's so heavy that he just let me hold it. Help me through the front door. Yunqi continued to command me in a low voice. It was really hard for me to walk with such a big man, and Yunqi, I knew very well that he was not injured along the way. According to his boast on the road, even the glass of his sports car has excellent bulletproof performance. And since you want to hide in there, there is still a gap, why don't the clouds come in? We can also walk a little less. I murmured in my heart. But this may be part of Yunqi's plan, and I'd better obey. I tried to set him up and walk towards his designated target. Suddenly I felt a little recoil, and at the same time I heard the scream of bullets in my ears. In my busy schedule, I looked back and saw a man in black lying on his face fifty meters away from us, motionless, with a pool of blood on the ground. Several people quickly backed into the car. Cautiously, they tried to surround us with cars in a small circle. Or, at least, semi-surrounded. Because the warehouses on our backs were long one after another, and the warehouses used to be the sea, they did not have the skill of Lingbo micro-step, so naturally they could not attack from the sea. There are more cars coming. In such a big battle, I suddenly felt that I and Yunqi, surrounded by many cars, were small and helpless. Don't go in yet. Yunqi shouted at me in a low voice, and I realized that we had retreated step by step to the door of the warehouse. I held the cloud up with one hand and pushed the door with the other. I can't push. "The door is locked," I said softly. The cloud did not turn its head, but fired a backhand shot. The place where the lock was installed immediately blew a big hole. I looked at him admiringly, and he was clearly aiming out of the corner of his eye. At this time, he quickly changed the direction of the gun, alert to the car array surrounding us. He still refused to relax me, as if he could not stand up straight without my support. I had no choice but to use one hand to push the heavy barn door open a crack, estimating that I and Yunqi could flash in. OK I whispered as I held Yunqi back. We ducked into the barn door, not exactly nimbly. I suspect that this is also Yunqi's performance, although I do not understand his intention. When we entered the warehouse, Yunqi immediately regained his ability to move and closed the door with me. When I closed the door,Lamella Plate Settler, I saw that many people had jumped out of the car and rushed in our direction. Clouds rise. As soon as I called out, Yunqi gave me a soothing smile. Shh — "he said, motioning me to keep quiet.".