As sharp as a rose _ Jiang Yuduo

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When I closed the door,Lamella Plate Settler, I saw that many people had jumped out of the car and rushed in our direction. Clouds rise. As soon as I called out, Yunqi gave me a soothing smile. Shh — "he said, motioning me to keep quiet.

Lean is not optimistic. Although he did not want to make such a rude behavior, but for men, the agreement is more important than face! Now that he has promised, whether he is forced or seduced, he will finish it with the determination to die! "The book says that the most dangerous place is the safest place." Pushing the silver-rimmed glasses he wore as a detective assistant, Wallace, an academic vampire, put his hand on his chest and announced confidently, "Don't worry.". As long as you do what I say, ll combination will be invincible in the world! "What is ll?" "We both have the letter l in our names, and I'm going to use it as a sign for our detective agency." "Then let me die quietly." "Shh!"! Watch out! Someone's coming! Lean, remember what I said! Wallace quickly dodged behind a tree, and the vampire detective duo, working together for the first time, was about to make their grand debut. Lean was quick with his eyes and quick with his hands. With a beautiful kick,heavy duty metal racking, he raised his left knee and stepped on the railing. He looked back smartly and smiled. "Beauty, do you have time to talk to me?" "Eh?" The maid, wearing pink lace on her head, was startled by the man who suddenly stopped her in front of her, but by the moonlight, she saw Lean's handsome and tangible features and immediately regained her composure. She held out her index finger and said calmly,metal racking systems, "Actually, you want to get information from me. Please don't use such a method that can't keep up with the trend.". If you will give me a tip, I will tell you a little bit. Come on, do you want to know the room number of the host's fiancee or the room number of the host? “……” "No money?" “…… Sorry "Please make way." With an expressionless face, the maid passed him by and said, "Remember to wipe the dirty railings clean." "Women are creatures to be reckoned with." With a clenched fist, Lean, a single man who has never been married? Powell was defeated. 。“ Big mistake. Wallace, with his head sticking out of the flowers and a few leaves on his head, pushed his glasses. "Sorry, I forgot that the era when beauty can resist all disasters has not yet arrived." "Will there be such an era?" Lean couldn't help growling. Back then, shuttle rack system ,metal racking systems, he was also a gentleman in and out of the bridge club, nicknamed "cold-faced God of Gamblers". Now he has fallen to the point of running to flirt with the maid and failing. A man can fall faster than light. Eh? Incorrect. Wait a minute. What are they doing! "I said, is this really not an investigation but an investigation?" Lean has awakened. \ "Lean, \" Wallace pointed out gravely, \ "you're getting vulgar. \" "Don't change the subject!" You're the one who changed the subject! Who told you not to practice well? Selling sex is the only thing you can do without any special power. "That's what you told me to do!" "No way," small mouth sigh, Wallace amorous feelings ten thousand kinds to pull the hair, "look at the master." Whatever you say, as long as you get me out of this humiliating task. Lean quickly changed ends with Wallace. At this moment, the maid who had just passed came out again. Pow! In the moonlight, the lithe blond young man fell back as he brushed against the maid. Are you all right? Fortunately. "The maid moved nimbly and hugged the waist of the beautiful young man who had fallen back." I'm really, really sorry. The beautiful young man blinked his starry eyes pitifully. "I seem to have bumped into you." "No, it's my fault." Having said that, she remembered that she had only thrown her arm, and that the beautiful young man was indeed a fragile product of another world. I think I'm all right, thank you. Slowly blooming a considerate smile, the beautiful young man shook his head slowly. If it's okay, why are you still lying in my arms. From a certain point of view, I always feel that this picture is more appropriate. The maid was full of doubts. Is it really okay? Do you want me to walk you to your room? "No, I'm just a little anemic." Smiling sweetly, the beautiful young man finally stood up on his own strength, lifted his hair magnificently, but knocked his glasses down, "Oh.". ” "Well, I'll pick it up for you." The maid quickly took the initiative to help him pick it up, for fear that the beautiful young man would fall to the ground in front of her again. The moonlight is dense, and the earth gently brushes a beautiful frost color. The girl with pink lace on her head and the young man with golden hair fluttering, one handed over glasses, the other received glasses, and the moment her fingers touched lightly, it seemed to produce an eternal classic lens. ok! I'm fine. Putting on his glasses, the beautiful young man suddenly recovered. That's good. Turning around, the maid went away without any nostalgia. It turns out that the classic lens is just an illusion. Lean pointed at Wallace with a convulsive mouth. "What are you, what are you doing?" Is this also called investigating intelligence? "Of course.". Don't you remember? I'm a real vampire! The beautiful young man who could not remember this without emphasizing it clapped his chest and promised, "As long as I touch a person's hand, I can see through all the past and future of this person." "So you don't just have a face and a mouth." "You should reflect on being a vampire and not knowing what you're capable of!" "Why do I know all this? I'll be human again anyway!" "I said that kind of thing was impossible!" "Since I met you,medium duty racking, I have understood that there is nothing impossible in this world." “……” "Have you got any useful information, then?" "Mmm." Wallace collated the new information. "No.". This man is innocent and has not been involved in any conspiracy. "Are we going to shake the hands of everyone in the manor next?" This is really crazy. "Wallace clasped his hands together and affirmed him approvingly." Lean, so you are very clever. Then let's do it. “……” "Eh?"? Why is your neck getting thicker? 。