It's hard to match a scholar who wears it quickly.

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Not only was Anxi not annoyed,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, but there was a bit of pride in her words. You followed me? Han Haoxuan asked. No, after returning home, I once went to the place where we lived before to see you. I happened to see you and her coming back from work.

Haoxiang said this carelessly, but this can be regarded as a vicious word, in which contempt and disgust can be seen by everyone, even Duolong was surprised where the woman provoked Haoxiang, he had never seen a friend so mean to a woman. The woman's face was pale, her lips trembled, and she looked like she was about to fall down, apparently angry with his words. Even a refutation can not be said, the people around some do not like, people always subconsciously sympathize with the weak, let alone a little beauty, but these two people they do not want to provoke, at that time no one dared to say a word. Enough! It's reasonable for two big men to bully a weak woman! A clear female voice broke the deadlock. Lanxin frowned and led the servant girl down from the second floor. Seeing all the people's eyes gathered on her, Lanxin didn't care. She had just looked upstairs for a long time. The woman looked pitiful enough, and she had to be bullied by these two dandy. Lanxin was always the most unaccustomed to such things. Yo! I advise the young lady not to mind her own business, which is not your business! Haoxiang paused and glanced at the woman who made a sound. There was no mercy in his mouth, and his tone was somewhat blunt. That is, you are not a girl involved in the affairs of a man! Doron looked at the girl dressed well, as if she had come from a big family, and her tone was better, but she didn't care. A good man should make contributions. Only a waste can think about bullying men and women all day long! Lanxin snorted coldly, and the contempt in her eyes suddenly pierced Haoxiang and Duolong. Duolong was lawless,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, and although Haoxiang was not taken seriously in the house, he was unwilling to suffer from cowardice outside, and the word "waste" poked their lungs. The fact is the same thing, although they do nothing all day, walking dogs and teasing birds, but they do not want to be in public, such a woman's contempt. Especially Haoxiang, since childhood at home,Magnesium Oxide MgO, he is no matter how, but also than the eldest brother, anyway, in the eyes of Ama only his eldest son is the best. One of Lanxin's "waste" completely angered him, and what he hated most was that others said so about him. Both of them were so angry that their eyes were red and they were about to rush up. When they wanted to beat someone, they didn't care whether the other was a man or a woman. Lanxin looked at these two people a look to eat people, she is not afraid, the corners of the mouth with a sneer, waiting for them to start, the hall situation became very tense in an instant, everyone can not help but worry about this beautiful young lady, how to get into trouble with these two bastards. Lanxin Gege is really in high spirits! Just when they thought the young lady was doomed, another male voice interrupted the fist they were about to shake, and they found that the two overlords had stopped. I saw a young man in white leisurely leaning against the stairs, with a touch of leisurely radian at the corners of his mouth, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, standing there with a fan in his hand, apparently looking at it for a long time. Wen Rumo, who had been watching the play on the second floor for a long time, finally could not help clapping his hands, smiling at the corners of his mouth, especially when he saw a flash of anger in his eyes. Wen Rumo was very satisfied with the scene he had created. Today's play was really wonderful. Sure enough, where there was a heroine, there was fun everywhere. Looking at the two teenagers who were also looking at themselves in the hall, Wen Rumo exclaimed in his heart that they were really at the root of the imperial city, and that this dandy could not be underestimated. He just made a little mention that these two people could stop in time, and they were also discerning. Duolong Beizi, Master Haoxiang should show mercy. If you hurt the emperor's favorite Lanxin Gege by mistake, that's not good. Lanxin Gege Bodhisattva's heart is similar to this woman's. Wen Rumo's nimble fingers played with the fan in his hand and leisurely leaned against the railing of the stairs. What he said in his mouth was also very interesting. He knew clearly that she was a Gege, but he said that she was similar to this singing girl, but he really aimed at the one not far away. In fact, he really has nothing to do in this life, in addition to looking for his family, the rest of the matter is against the woman, Wen Rumo held the fan, it is really a painting fool, the original owner's lifelong wish is to overwhelm the woman, but this Lanxin Gege he also hates, there will be a lot of time to play with her in the future. Mr. Wen might as well take care of himself! Lanxin eyes flashed melancholy, deeply swallowed a breath, the heart of this person's disgust even more aggravated a few minutes, but the face is smiling at Wen Ru Mo. Wen Rumo knew what she meant and didn't care. The corners of her mouth raised a unique radian, took a meaningful look at the three of them, shook her head, and walked out of the inn without seeing the woman's provocation. You Lanxin face some hanging, fingers tightly clenched, the heart gushed out a hatred, only feel that the eyes grow to the forehead of the painter, disgusting want to tear his sanctimonious skin, and then look at the two dandy around, Lanxin is not a good look, the mood of travel has been worn clean. You two take care of yourself! Lanxin seemed to say calmly to the two men. He looked around at the people watching the scene of bustle and led the servant girl away. The woman was so insidious that she almost fell for it. Wait until this person left, Duolong heart secretly sighed, Lanxin Gege he also knew, although only an orphan girl, but it is said to be very blessed, if the general quarrel he is not afraid, after all, he is not a role that can be bullied, but if today really hit her, I am afraid it can not be good. Uh Haoxiang also thought of this Lanxin Gege is afraid to deliberately provoke them, lead them to start, so as to take the opportunity to make things bigger, he did not doubt that once they really started,Magnesium Oxide powder, I am afraid waiting for them is hidden around the guards! Haoxiang thought of the man in white just now. At first glance, he made people feel proud and indifferent. A word blocked the Lanxin Gege. He was very happy in his heart. It was a pity that he walked too fast. The man just now seems to know this Lanxin Gege! Haoxiang pretended to ask casually. Ah! You're talking about him! You don't even know that. Duolong despised for a while, in exchange for a friend's stare.