Heroic ambition

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Big red face is a horse, tall horse, long and horsetail, up to twelve feet, the horse's head is nearly ten feet from the ground,Adhesive fish ruler, running like the morning glow rising in the east, needless to say, this is a "red hare".

In front of this "old Ma Chao" was wounded all over his body, or knife wounds, or fire, and several wounds in his right hand were deep enough to see the bone, presumably he had fought fiercely with the court. From this point of view, he was probably caught by Lord Wu, just locked up in this "Tianzi No.1 Room". For a long time, "Old Ma Chao" slowly lay back on the bed, breathing low, Wang Yitong mind slightly turn, suddenly remembered the words of Wang Yasi, as if this person has been fasting for a long time, do not eat or drink, partial and seriously injured, perhaps do not want to live. Wang Yitong's kindhearted heart suddenly moved and he wanted to persuade him, but when he remembered his situation, he could not help sighing and sat down again. The sun was shining brightly, and it was a sunny day. Wang Yitong looked up and saw that the blue sky outside the window was so deep and bright that it was like the eyes of God, looking at the prison. The sky is already bright, the wife should get up, right? If she didn't come home all night, would she be so anxious that she was in tears? Yesterday, I went out early in the morning. Although I had only spent one day and one night, it seemed that I had gone through a lifetime. The appearance of my wife's mother was somewhat strange. Wang Yitong buried his face in his knees, closed his eyes, and slowly bit his lower lip. At this point in life, the future is boundless, what robbery and murder, what the right and evil ways, do not want to know, at this moment, he just wants to meet his wife and children,tape measure clip, let them know that they are still alive. Wang Yitong's vest rose and fell, and he began to cry silently. The first day of Bitter Kiln began. The two prisoners had their own concerns, neither of them spoke, only the sunlight from the zenith fell to the ground, accompanying them. Spend this long time together.. www/xiaoshuotxt.co m Chapter VI Horse Test in the Spring Suburbs (1) Small ~ say ~ t. Xt'heaven ~ hall In the chilly spring, in the warm bed, a little fairy was sleeping sweetly. The most refreshing thing in life is to sleep. As the saying goes, "Go to bed early, get up late, and save oil and rice." When you sleep, you don't have to worry about anything. You don't have to listen to anything. What you want,horse weight tape, what you have, what you think, and what you are, emperors, immortals and Buddhas can do whatever you want. Because of this, Juan likes to sleep very much. The only thing she worries about is that she is too happy in her dream, so that she can't wake Is the strategist here? "Shh.." Keep your voice down.. Don't wake her up. "There was a whine in her ears, like a mosquito bite. Juan covered her ears with hatred and turned to the right side to sleep." She's so cute. "" "Yes.." The two disciples of the strategist belong to her naivety. Mosquitoes, like shadows, turned their faces, still buzzing, Juan picked up the cotton-padded jacket, covered his head, but attended to one thing and lost another, covered his head, barefoot will be exposed, feeling quite cold. He was shrinking his feet when suddenly his toes were hot, as if he had been bitten. Hey. Don't touch her feet. The strategist will be angry. "I'm afraid she'll catch cold." Mosquitoes harass their bare feet, screaming and biting. Their toes and ankles bite everywhere. They seem to be quite excited. Juaner's toes struggle and suddenly roar: "Oh, oh, oh, oh!" Juan son roared, Diameter tape measure ,Walking measuring wheel, backhand out of the sword, is a chop in the air, buzzing in the past, floating down a few clumps of straw in midair, leisurely, fell to the ground. Juaner Yi, but also woke up, only to see himself sleeping on a pile of straw, covered with silk quilt, but full of old debris, turned to look at the rear, but there is a statue of Guandi Ye, originally sleeping in a broken temple. Outside the temple gate, the sun was shining, but it was already noon. Last night was the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival. People all over the city had a night tour with lanterns. Some played horse tags, some threw dice, and one by one stayed up all night. Juan son is very hard, all night in search of Qiongfang's whereabouts, also she all the way to the north, see the Anding Men wide open, simply came to the northern suburbs to test the horse, finally also sleep to the broken temple, a good night's sleep, until three poles on the day. There is nothing else in Beijing, and there are the most dilapidated temples. In recent years, there has been a drought, and the imperial court has taken all the money to fight. Naturally, there is no money to repair it, and the money for incense is getting worse year by year, so the monks and Taoists go to the big temple. As a result, the bigger the big temple is, the more dilapidated the small temple is, so that Juaner has more shelter. Juan is twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, and this is not her first day in Jianghu. She usually sleeps in broken temples and eats wild food, and she is also familiar with the road. She straightened her arm and was yawning when she heard the voice behind her: "Jun.." Consigliere. Are you here? There is no one in the ruined temple, where is the voice? Juaner was astonished. Without waiting to turn around, she rolled forward and swept back her sword. She made a move to "roll up the bead curtain" and guarded the vital part of her vest. Then she opened the "flying sword rain". The wind of the sword buzzed loudly. She was about to jump when she saw a tall idol behind her, looking down at herself, but it was Master Guan. Juaner sighed and looked around, but she didn't see anyone. It was expected that she was sleeping in a daze. Seeing that Master Guan was still looking at her, she hurriedly returned the sword to the scabbard, folded her hands, and worshipped piously: "Master Guan is here. Disciple Juaner stayed here for one night last night. Thank you for your care." She just wanted to make a few wishes, but her brain was not good. She thought for a long time, but she didn't know what to pray for. When she was in a daze, she suddenly saw a couplet carved on the temple pillar. It was exactly "reading the history of the Qing Dynasty with a blue lamp, holding the moon with a blue dragon; holding a red face with a red heart, riding a red rabbit to chase the wind". At the sight of the word "Red Rabbit", Juan jumped with joy and shouted, "Big red face! Big red face! Where are you? Picked up the underground silk quilt, hurried out of the hall, was shouting, suddenly saw a dilapidated wing, doors and windows have fallen, the ground is covered with sawdust straw, but there is a "big red face" lying inside, warm to sleep. Juan rushed over and said with a smile, "Big red face!"! There you are! I thought you ran away. "Big red face" coffee is frightened, frightened to open an eye, see is ignorant girl came, closed an eye again, snore to sleep. Juan scolded, "Three poles in the morning!"! Still sleeping! Get up! Hurry up Waving his hand and beating his son to get up, he heard a bitter cry of coffee, and the "big red face" finally got up and hit the lintel of the wing with a bang. Big red face is a horse, tall horse, long and horsetail, up to twelve feet, the horse's head is nearly ten feet from the ground,Adhesive fish ruler, running like the morning glow rising in the east, needless to say, this is a "red hare". tapemeasure.net