Sick, weak, white, moonlight, wear quickly.

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It turns out that you two know each other,whirlpool hot tub, and it's really predestined. Lu Shen was a little surprised, looking at the slightly awkward atmosphere between the two, he realized that something must have happened between them.

There, they met a woman they both knew. The woman was tall and tall, and her beautiful black hair was tied up, revealing her small and beautiful facial features. Wearing a rare yellow skirt, it is very bright and outstanding. Lu Shen remembered that it was a cultural palace activity before, and they met by coincidence. Both of them are college students, and both of them have a lot of family burdens, and they are quite chatty. However, Lu Shen thought that his friend also knew the woman. And far more familiar than he thought. Brother Lu, why are you here? Have you come to buy something? Ceng Xiaozhu is undoubtedly unexpected, meet this man here, this man that she cannot say clearly in her own heart. She thought that she did have a good impression on him, otherwise, that night, they would not talk so deeply. Do you work here as a shop assistant? Lu Shen asked at the counter. Yeah, I've been coming here every weekend for a couple of months. Zeng Xiaozhu smiled slightly, her smile is undoubtedly sunny, and even said a bit cheerful. Lu Shen did not wonder at all, because at this time, salesmen in big shopping malls are really a good job,whirlpool hot tub spa, and if there is not enough help, ordinary people simply can not be. He An looked at things at the first few counters, and Lu Shen waited here, knowing that the man always had to be carefully selected, and that he would never pick a good one without a period of time. Thinking of this, he looked at Zeng Xiaozhu, who was wearing a yellow skirt and had outstanding eyes, and asked aloud. How is your mother now? Is she all right? "Well,best whirlpool tub, she's the one who's always worried about me being outside alone." "Although my father is gone, he still has a few friends who are willing to take care of me and my mother." Zeng Xiaozhu bent her head and felt a little embarrassed. My current job was introduced by my father's former friend. She sighed at the thought. It's always good to have someone willing to help. Lu Shen comforted him. Sometimes, I wonder why it's so hard to be completely on my own. Zeng Xiaozhu nodded her toes and responded in a low voice. Don't think too much. My present job is also introduced to me by my teacher. Lu Shen looked at Zeng Xiaozhu, who was somewhat depressed, and showed a smile. Brother Lu, you've found a job. Zeng Xiaozhu asked curiously. Yeah, it's been a long time. "As a tutor?" Zeng Xiaozhu guessed. Before this winter vacation, I did a lot of time, but recently I didn't. "What are you doing now?" Zeng Xiaozhu is very curious. Lu Shen smiled and said nothing. It was not until he turned around and saw He An, who had almost bought something, that he said slowly in a teasing tone, "See, I'm going to take care of our young master now." Just concentrate on looking at the front of Lu Shen, and did not notice the side of Zeng Xiaozhu face pale and uncomfortable. Chapter 9 The First World 09 Without waiting for Zeng Xiaozhu to say something, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,outdoor endless pool, Lu Shen quickly walked over and came to the back of He An. He skillfully helped him push the wheelchair and came to Zeng Xiaozhu and said, "This is my friend, Lin Xiu." He introduced to He An in front of him, "Her surname is Zeng, a friend I met last year, majoring in English at Beijing Tourism College." Ceng Xiaozhu face originally bright and generous smile is gradually disappeared, but also has a bit of embarrassment. Looking at He An sitting in a wheelchair with a shallow smile, she hesitated a little, but finally made a sound. Brother Lin, I didn't expect you to know each other. When she said this, Zeng Xiaozhu had to say that she knew very well that she was somewhat flustered. Everything has changed since she visited Lin Xiu, who was still recuperating from the hospital that day. Unlike the memory, only three months later, her mother agreed to the suggestion from Lin Xiu's mother, Wu Bihua. Let the two of them get married as soon as possible. In fact, at her age, there are not a few people who get married, and even in her school, some of her classmates even came to school to finish their studies after they were pregnant. Some of the more open schools in B City even offer double rooms for married couples with babies. This is not too unusual, first of all, the college entrance examination has been interrupted for so long in the past few years. Later, when the college entrance examination was resumed, countless educated youth who went to the countryside wanted to go back to the city, but after so many years of delay, most of the people who took the college entrance examination reorganized their families under the passage of time. They were obviously not young, and many of them had children. Naturally, it is not uncommon to take children to school. Therefore, in Zeng Xiaozhu's memory, that marriage seemed to be a matter of course, without any barrier. Not to mention Lin Xiu's mother, the wise and capable woman, who had never liked her very much, but accepted her existence for the sake of her children. Only this time, no one came to her home to discuss her marriage with her mother. She occasionally thought that he, who was so proud, would not agree to the marriage arranged by his mother after she refused, and it turned out that what she had done was not wrong. Only now, she is a little blurred. When on earth did such two people meet and become friends. From Lu Shen's tone, she could judge that their relationship or friendship was very good. Xiaozhu, recently in school, should be quite good. He An smiled gently. For the woman in front of him, he actually had no feelings, but gentleness had always been his concealed face, and even became a so-called habit. It's all right. Ceng Xiaozhu slanted her head slightly, avoiding the sight of the man on the opposite side who was so indifferent as if nothing had happened. It turns out that you two know each other,whirlpool hot tub, and it's really predestined. Lu Shen was a little surprised, looking at the slightly awkward atmosphere between the two, he realized that something must have happened between them.