Quickly wear xt: villain boss attack!

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It turns out that you two know each other,whirlpool hot tub, and it's really predestined. Lu Shen was a little surprised, looking at the slightly awkward atmosphere between the two, he realized that something must have happened between them.

Mingshu turned back to eat. The little zombie stood still. Mingshu called him several times, and the little zombie dilly-dally went back and sat beside Mingshu, holding his face humanely and staring at the child over there. Practice more and eat less. Mingshu patted him on the head. Roar. The little zombie gave a weak roar. When Mingshu turned around, he saw the little zombie take the compressed biscuit from the car and throw it to the children. The corners of Mingshu's mouth twitched. "What are you doing?" "Ho, ho, ho." “……” "What did he say?" The mouse is also curious. Get fat. It's delicious. Mingshu translation. Mouse Social society, can not afford to provoke, when he did not ask. —— Mingshu finished eating and resting, and the little zombie fanned her with a piece of cardboard beside her. Although Mingshu did not feel hot, she could still feel the heat in the air. It's just that her body cools down. The noise suddenly came from the front. Several majestic soldiers with several women came from the front and stopped straight at Mingshu's side. The soldier looked at several people outside the car and looked at Su Tai subconsciously. "Hello, are they in your team?" The soldier was waiting for Su Tai to answer, but the voice came from the other side. No, I don't know them. The soldier looked at Mingshu,hot tub wholesale, the little girl. It's a little too clean. Cough. But they said it was your team. The car in front of us can't be arranged. If it's your team, you'd better take them for a while. It's not easy for everyone. Mingshu looked askance and turned up the corners of his mouth slightly. "Yes, it's not easy, so why should I raise them in vain?" "You didn't bring them." "I don't want to take them now?" “……” In this world, the bottom line of morality is trampled on,whirlpool bathtub, and we can't force others to do anything. Let's do this. The soldier said, "When we get to the base and enter the city, we will take you in. It will save a lot of trouble, and we don't have to turn in all the supplies." "We're not going to the base." “……” I can't talk this day. Chapter 799 Dawn Hunting (15). There was no agreement, and the soldiers could only leave with a few women who were not good at showing their eyes. Ask along the way who has a seat on the bus. However, along the way, everyone's car opportunities are full. Seeing that the front is about to be cleaned up and on the road, the soldiers are also a little anxious, and they can't leave people here. In the end, Chinese spa manufacturer ,China spa factory, it can only be stuffed into the cart. The already crowded car is even more crowded, and everyone is naturally a little resentful of the new arrival. In the past, the car they sat in was so loose that they could even let their children run in the middle, but now they are crammed into a car that is difficult to move, and the women are extremely resentful. When the motorcade started, it was bumpy all the way until they found a place to rest in the evening, and the people crowded together were relieved. It was not easy to eat, but it turned out that the supplies in their hands were not half as much as before. The supplies they had taken away before were all taken away, saying that they were uniformly distributed. Women want to find the army theory, but they are real, where is their turn to make trouble. —— Mingshu was woken up. Su Tai and the mouse were outside the car, surrounded by people, the lights were shaking, and all the light sources seemed to be concentrated on her. Soldiers surrounded them vigilantly with guns. Mingshu looked back, Ye Xiangsi's car was very quiet, it was estimated that Su Tai told them not to get off no matter what they heard. These people have no end. Mingshu lowered the glass and lay on the window. "What are you doing at night?" The mouse scurried over, gritted his teeth and said, "The women told them that there were zombies in our car." Save those people for nothing. Mingshu smiled. "Do you dare to send a good man card now?" The mouse has an ugly expression. Mingshu didn't care, but they didn't want any trouble. So when they left, they deliberately let these people get on the bus first, close the door and let Mingshu command the zombies to get on the bus. I didn't let the zombies out all the way. Please cooperate and get off for us to check. The soldier shouted. Are you sure you want to check? Mingshu looked up at the soldier who spoke. "Whose bite is it?" The soldiers clicked on their guns and pointed them at their cars. The survivors who did not know why in the back probably heard a little meaning, and they all retreated in fear. "There are zombies in their car!" Someone in the crowd shouted. The survivors were thrown into confusion. There are zombies. "There are zombies in their car." Holy shit, are they crazy? Even in the car with zombies, I was so close to them today. "Kill the zombies!" "Are they trying to kill so many of us?" All kinds of doubts are overwhelming. Su Tai several people's complexion is not very good, the soldier's attitude is tough to destroy the zombies. That's no good. How can I let you kill me like this when I have been trained with great difficulty? Mingshu refused. You keep a zombie in the car, and if you run out, our entire convoy will suffer. The soldier said, "I don't care why you want to close the zombies, but I must be responsible for my motorcade." He knew that there were researchers in the base who would catch zombies and go back to study them, but they were professional equipment. Layer upon layer of steel cages. This car.. It doesn't look safe. And they don't look like researchers. Behind the survivors more and more panic, the army's attitude is very tough,hot tub manufacturers, demanding the elimination of zombies. Zombies also have the right to corpses. It's not good for you to be so overbearing. Mingshu was still lying on the window with his casual appearance. People: "… …" Where do zombies get the right to corpses. Is this man a madman? "We don't want any trouble." Su Tai raised his hand and motioned for everyone to calm down. "We're not going to the base either. We can stop here and not go with you." "No!"! Zombies are a potential danger and must be destroyed! Su and Tai all gave in to this, and their attitude did not change at all. Su Tai had no choice but to look at Ming Shu, who had caused her own trouble. Mingshu was ready to get out of the car. "Then I'll open the door." 。 monalisa.com