Sword Shadow in the Oriental Jade Mist

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It turns out that you two know each other,whirlpool hot tub, and it's really predestined. Lu Shen was a little surprised, looking at the slightly awkward atmosphere between the two, he realized that something must have happened between them.

With a pair of black and white eyes, he threw a smile at the door and said, "Brother Di, I didn't expect to find you, did I?" They greeted me in a big way. Di Shaoqing blushed and said, "So it's Miss Pei. Good morning." Pei Xiaoxia smiled and said, "We made an appointment last night. My little sister just came by appointment. Why, Brother Di forgot?" Did you? "I didn't forget, I didn't forget." Di Shaoqing raised his hand and said, "Miss Pei, please sit down." "Why are you still sitting?" Pei Xiaoxia rolled her eyes and said with a smile, "Didn't we agree to go out for a stroll? Then we can go!"! "Where is the girl going to play?" Asked Di Shaoqing at a loss. Fei Hsiao-hsia suddenly showed her teeth and said with a smile, "It's all right. When I went out, I asked the bartender. Otherwise, you wouldn't know, and so would I." "I don't know. Didn't a blind man ride a blind horse and rush blindly?" At this point, he stretched out a hand like suet white jade, bent his delicate fingers like water onions, and counted, "Zhenjiang has it." Three mountains and four temples, Jinshan, Jiaoshan and Beigushan, shall we go to Jinshan first? Look at the flooded Jinshan Temple and Fahai Cave. I heard that in the cave A statue of Buddha, or the body of the monk Fahai! Di Shaoqing said, "When I first came to Zhenjiang, I didn't know much about it. Since Miss Pei is going to Jinshan,endless swim spa, I should accompany her." "You can't say yes." "We've made an appointment," said Pei Xiaoxia. "We should go together." "Go down and look for Brother Zhou," said Di Shaoqing. "There's no need to look for him." "You have a ten-day holiday," said Pei Xiaoxia. "Brother Chou doesn't have one." "Are we going alone?" Asked Di Shaoqing hesitantly. Pei Xiaoxia smiled and said, "So what if we go alone?"? Are you afraid they'll eat us? Di Shaoqing nodded and said, "All right, let's go!" The two men walked out of the gate of the Jiangnan Martial Arts School, where a snow-white horse and another green-maned horse were tied to the gate. Pei Xiaoxia, go there After leading the white horse,american hot tub, he turned around and said, "Brother Di, please get on the horse, too." Di Shaoqing hesitated and said, "This horse is.." Pei Xiaoxia smiled and said, "Xiao Bai, I rode it from home. I just bought this green-maned horse." Di Shaoqing said, "Why does a girl want two horses?" "I thought the green-maned horse was very good, so I bought it." Pei Xiaoxia smiled and said, "Don't you use it now?"? Oh, my name is Xiao Bai, and your name is Xiao Qing, really. Coincidentally, two horses, one green and one white, went to visit Jinshan. People thought they were the incarnation of the White Empress and Xiaoqing! Di Shaoqing had to lead the green-maned horse and said, "This animal is not bad. Although it is not as good as the girl's Xiaobai, it is also very amazing." Jun. "Then get on the horse quickly, endless swimming pool ,5 person hot tub," urged Pei Xiaoxia. "Let's go quickly." She jumped on the horse and looked back at Di Shaoqing. Di Shaoqing then stepped onto the horse's back and felt that the carved saddles and silver pedals were all new and exquisitely made, which showed the girl. Extremely generous. When Pei Xiaoxia saw him get on the horse, she laughed and said, "Brother Di, you don't know the way. I'll lead the way." As soon as the reins shook, the white horse spread its four hooves and ran along the road without waiting for her to urge it. Her white horse, Nai It was a famous horse chosen from a thousand. Although it did not gallop, it ran very briskly. In the blink of an eye, it had galloped out seven or eight Zhangs Outside. Di Shaoqing hurriedly urged the horse to follow. Pei Xiaoxia saw Di Shaoqing longitudinal horse followed, secretly pulled the reins, Xiaobai got the master's hint, the pace quickened. Many. Di Shaoqing did not keep up, but the distance gradually pulled away, had to urge the horse to catch up. On the streets of the city, of course not. He ran so fast that he could only keep a distance of more than ten feet from the front and could not catch up with him. By the time they got out of Ximen, Pei Xiaoxia looked back and saw that Di Shaoqing had already followed them. "Brother Di is a good rider," she said with a charming smile. Ah Feet gently a clip horse belly, small white four way somersault, galloping potential also suddenly accelerated! Di Shaoqing looked at her as if she intended to compete with him in riding skills, but the young man was not willing to admit defeat, but also urged the horse to gallop, two horses in front of each other. After that, like a cloud of smoke, trees and people on both sides of the official road flew upside down in rows, and pedestrians on the road only heard bells and horses. A sweep of hooves. Jinshan is only five or six miles away from the city, and naturally it's only a meal away. In front of Pei Xiaoxia Kan Kan stopped at the foot of the mountain, Di Shaoqing also came one after another. As soon as Pei Xiaoxia jumped off her horse, a charming dimple was blown red by the wind, and with a pair of bright eyes, she said happily: "Brother Di, your riding skills are really good. If I hadn't ridden Xiaobai, I would have rushed to the front for you." Di Shaoqing also jumped off his horse. Holding the horse's head, he smirked and said, "Go ahead of the girl. Isn't that breaking into the Jinshan Temple?" Have you gone to the mountain gate? Pei Xiaoxia saw that he was no longer as restrained as he had just been, and she was even more delighted. She raised her hand to sweep her mane and said, "The bartender said, this." There is a place to send horses in the park. We send the horses and then go up the mountain. Jinshan is a famous scenic spot and historic site in Zhenjiang. Naturally, there are many tourists. They saw Di Shaoqing and Pei Xiaoxia leading horses side by side. The man is handsome and the woman is charming and beautiful, which naturally attracts the attention of others. Pei Xiaoxia walked for a while, blushing, and said in a low voice, "Look, people are all looking at us!" Di Shaoqing also blushed and said, "That's to see the girl. If the girl's life is beautiful, she will naturally attract people's attention. In the next martial arts." Husband, what's there to see? Pei Xiaoxia smiled happily and said, "You don't look like a warrior. You look like a scholar." Without waiting for him to speak, she whispered: "Brother Di, I told you that you could call me Xiaoxia. How awkward it was for you to listen to girls and girls all the way?" Di Shaoqing was stunned and said, "What's so awkward about calling you girl?" "You don't know!" Pei Xiaoxia lowered her voice and said, "When we walk together, you call the girl one by one. When people hear you, they know us." Not long ago, if you call me Xiaoxia, it will be different, to be heard by others,endless swimming pool, but also only when we. Brother and sister.. Yeah, me too. You can't call brother Di, call you. It's right to call you Big Brother. What do you say? 。 monalisa.com