Monster Queen (formerly Hello, Miss Broke) GL & Extra Four

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It turns out that you two know each other,whirlpool hot tub, and it's really predestined. Lu Shen was a little surprised, looking at the slightly awkward atmosphere between the two, he realized that something must have happened between them.

Philip was originally a handsome and lively purple and blue macaw in Madagascar, but because he lived with his indifferent owner for more than ten years, he seemed to be infected with a cold and gloomy temperament, of course, this is only the surface. So as soon as the little guy entered the pet club, he immediately attracted the attention of so many birds, and everyone was curious and longing. There, the handsome Philip seems to have found the passionate heart of his youth, and he decides that he wants to fall in love, not like his master. So he walked high and found what he thought was the love of his life, a white cockatoo from Australia, among many beautiful birds. But the cockatoo seemed to be very ungrateful. Philip gave her all his favorite nuts, but the cockatoo still ate his own food box and occasionally looked up at Philip with a look of disgust. Philip was a little sad. He didn't know how to offend Xuanfeng. He thought hard and couldn't find a reason. When he saw Xuanfeng flirting with a thin grey parrot, his wings were obviously not as shiny as his own, and he sighed. He knew the reason-he liked thin parrots. The outside world does not seem to be very beautiful, Philip eating nuts,endless swim pool, looking forward to the stars and the moon waiting for his master to take him home, or home is good, there are few words but will enjoy the master every day, and warm heart of Seele, it wants to go home! So when it was carried to the door by the clerk, it looked longingly at the crowd coming in and out to see if there was a master of its own, so there would be the above scene. Before the master got angry,jacuzzi swim spa, the little guy with dog legs jumped on the master's shoulder, and the soft little fluff rubbed ingratiatingly against Zimo's face. It seems that he still likes you best. Ning Xier poked Philip's beautiful wings and said to the man beside her who had just frowned slightly. The other side snorted coldly, but the smile on her lips exposed her happy mood at the moment. Looking at the other side sitting in the driver's seat, Ning Xier had to take Philip in with her. Shall we go home now? "Of course." When she heard each other's words, Ning Xier turned her head and looked at her, and the two of them held hands tacitly. Ning Xier pushed open the colored glass door and looked at the delicate garden on the balcony. Although there were not many flowers blooming in autumn, the long-lost scenery made her feel as if nothing had changed. Time so passed more than half a month, they have already left the base to return to their home, Zi Mo's injury is almost good, no, not almost, endless pool factory ,jacuzzi bath spa, but almost healed. Even the attending physicians said it was a miracle, but since they were here, they knew a little about their boss's special status and did not show any surprise. On the contrary, Shili, a gifted doctor who always expressed a casual attitude towards everything, said goodbye to them the day before Zimo left and followed the woman named Nolan abroad. Although, she had not seen that strange woman, only heard in the mouth of the world, the woman named Nolan in the history of science is not a reasonable existence, she nearly lived a hundred years old, but looks almost the same as them, in terms of seniority seems to be the grandmother of Zi Mo, and she also saved Zi Mo, and Zi Mo communicated for a long time. As for how they communicate so that Zi Mo can no longer have a grudge against her special constitution, she does not know, if she really wants to meet that person and thank her face to face. Thinking like this, a pair of hands came out of his waist, and then slowly crossed her tightly. What are you thinking? The tip of her nose rubbed against her neck and inhaled deeply the unique body fragrance of the other party. I don't know why she was so infatuated with this place. She was as addicted as poison. Uh Think a lot, a lot of things. She was a little tickled by the other side and her voice was a little unnatural. Guan Zimo frowned and said with displeasure, "I'm not thinking about that meatball again." These days, Guan Zimo felt that she had made a very wrong decision, that is, to allow Seele to take care of the baby. Since coming back that day, Ning Xier has been thinking about the little devil like a little meat ball and running to the secret room every three or five times. Fortunately, the baby can't live without the supply of liquid oxygen for the time being, so every once in a while he has to go back to his nest and squat for a while, and every time the little guy leaves Ning Xier. Tears began to flow like a lake, unable to stop the tears, reluctant to leave. What little meatball? He has a name. Ning Xier retorted with some silence that although the little guy was still at the base for the time being, Shili said that after a month or two, he could return to normal life, and then he could take the little guy home, but it seemed that the wooden face around him was always awkward. What's the name? Guan Zimo said in a cold voice that she didn't remember that the kid had a name. Ning Xier stuffed a small grape into each other's mouth. "It's so stupid that you can give her a name." Then he turned to the kitchen and looked around to prepare dinner. No Refuse without hesitation. Ning Xier bit the grapes, looked at the things in the refrigerator, and looked at the round yellow eggs in the fresh-keeping layer. Do you mean to let me name it? He mumbled doubtfully and saw that the other party had lost a "casual" and then lay down on the sofa to look at things. How about the nickname'balls'? He took out several eggs from the refrigerator and put them in a bowl and looked up at the man with glasses. ……” The man didn't say anything. Uh Doesn't that sound good? Ning Xier stepped forward lightly and was about to ask when he found that the person who had just lay down on the sofa had fallen asleep, and that person's slightly tired face under his eyes looked a little weak on his white face, and his long eyelashes were covered by black-framed glasses, although her closed eyes covered her blue eyes in the deep pool of the lake,jacuzzi manufacturers, and although the black hair on her forehead looked so messy. It doesn't affect her image at all. Hey. It's really. Not knowing what adjective to use, Ning Xier carefully took off each other's glasses. She was really exhausted. She took a small blanket from the bedroom and put it on each other. When she left, she scraped each other's nose in a bad way.