Huanzhu Landlord _ New Biography of Shushan Swordsman

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Then he raised his hand and a circle of white light protected his body first,Alumina Ceramic C795, followed by two blue lights flying out. The two women fought against each other with their flying swords, but ignored him. Kong Xiao seemed to be defeated, so he turned around and fled.

By the time the two girls arrived, the sun was about to set, and the pilgrims and tourists were returning together. Walking through the peach grove and pine path, in the shadow of the setting sun, they had a unique view of leisure, different from the many people they saw in the busy city. Baoling Fang said, "You see, there are so many people here, so I don't hate them." Suddenly I heard someone say on the slope beside the road, "Where did these two babies come from? How can they be so good?" The other way: "Are they the two girls the master mentioned?" The two girls looked back and saw two young monks of seventeen or eighteen years old sitting on the stone slope, as if they were talking about themselves. When Ling Xian saw that the visitors had not yet gone, he quickly pulled Bao Ling away and walked along the road. Walking into the depths of the pine forest, he looked back and saw that no one was there. He quickly hid his figure and whispered to Baoling, "I think these two look like disciples of the demon monk. There are many people on the road, so it's not appropriate to start fighting.". If you and I go invisibly, we can hear something, so as not to frighten the eyes and ears of the common people. As soon as I looked back, I saw two young monks looking around, as if they were looking for themselves. Then follow down, secretly check. To the effect that: When Nai Shi came back from Mount Huangshan, he knew that the two girls needed to look for him, so he ordered the two disciples to wait on the hillside. If they saw someone coming, they would report back as soon as possible. Seeing the two girls, Fang became suspicious and suddenly disappeared. Because Nai Shi had to meditate for an hour at this time every day, in order to prevent the enemy from coming and taking advantage of the opportunity to attack, even though the protection was tight, he still had scruples. There was no promise of two daughters,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, and every day he ordered his disciples to look out in classes, and when they saw a warning sign, they immediately reported it. Another senior disciple, who had been with him for many years, prepared himself to meet the enemy. On the one hand, he laid an ambush and held a stalemate with those who came. As soon as he passed the hour, he entered samadhi and woke up, and then it was all right. Otherwise, when Nai Shi meditates, he will lose all his magic power. Don't say that even ordinary people can control the death of a Taoist. Two girls listened,7g Ozone Generator, very strange. Then the demon said, "Nai Shi was wounded by two young women on his way home this morning. He looks like a swordsman of the Emei Sect. He lives in the area of Qili Mountain Pond." Baoling suspected that she had met Wang and Li's two aunts. She tried twice to catch the demon and torture him where no one was, but was stopped by Ling Xian. After following them to the top of the hill, the two demons walked under two old pines and suddenly disappeared. He went over to have a look. Behind the pine trees was a cliff cave. In front of the cave was a thatched tent with a monk sitting inside, as he had seen this morning. But his countenance was like death, and his expression was very dignified, and there was no evil spirit. There was no ambush, and there was nothing else except the sudden disappearance of the two demons. Although the two girls were evil by nature, they did not act rashly. The Emei Sect had strict religious rules, and they were most afraid of killing. See this situation, out of surprise, and I do not know whether the other side of the snow Amitabha empty dawn? He asked twice, but did not hear the answer. Make the virtuous look carefully again, see that the monk Zen skill is very deep, not like evil first class, the heart is more strange. Try to release the flying sword to test, thinking according to what I heard on the way, how powerful, how can I be defenseless? Even the defensive goblins are not seen, Ceramic Band Heater ,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, so we can't make mistakes. Intends to find the previously reclusive demon, ask the bottom camera to act. Suddenly I heard a laugh, which sounded familiar. On the left side of the stone slope sat a fat monk with a big belly. He was the demon monk he had met in Mount Huangshan. He pointed to the two girls and said with a smile, "Is the little girl looking for me?"? The courage is not small. Do you know how powerful I am, Snow Amitabha? When the two girls heard this, they were furious. They raised their hands with a sword and flew out. The white shadow flashed again at dawn, and the man disappeared. Looking back, he saw that the monk in the tent was still meditating. His appearance and figure were exactly the same as Kong Xiao's, except that his face was bloodless, and he looked like a dead man. He was born in a divine ritual, and he was clearly an eminent monk with Taoism. Use a magic weapon to test again, also do not have reaction, did not seem to feel check air. He thought to himself that what he had just seen was like the primordial spirit of the demon monk, and that his own Dharma body had no reason to ignore it, so how could he not come to the rescue? He could not see whether it was one or two, so he had to withdraw again. As soon as he left, the demon monk Kongxiao appeared again on the left. Ling Xian was careful. When he saw the other party meeting one after another, he sat cross-legged all the time and never moved. When he fled, the figure disappeared from the thick and disappeared immediately. It was very fast, but the flying sword was not as fast as he was. Because the opponent had already told his name, he had nothing to lose by killing him. As soon as he met him, he attacked with his flying sword and magic weapon, but the demon monk still disappeared. Like this several times in succession, the day is already dusk on the moon, the last time, the demon monk suddenly fight. First, a circle of white light flew up from the front of her body, catching the two women's flying swords and magic weapons. She was still in the form of meditation, and when she flew into the tent, the white light disappeared. Then he went to the tent and saw that a white shadow was closing on the monk's body and disappeared. Only then did he conclude that the two were one. Scolding in his mouth, he waited for the flying sword to come forward. Suddenly he heard a voice from the door saying, "My good niece, don't pay any attention to him. Go back quickly and wait for him to come after you.". I am your fifth uncle, and I am invisible. When the two girls heard this, they knew that they were Hao Tzu-mei, the brains among the five friends. They were overjoyed and hurried to quit together. I saw a small, wiry boy with a monkey's head and a monkey's brain outside the forest, flying to and from the mountain gorge. He was about to catch up with him, but his human form had disappeared. Then he heard a voice saying, "I have something to do in the West Dongting and I have time to come here. I don't need to see you today.". Your third aunt is now in the house of an old friend on the side of Lingyan Mountain. You might as well go and look for them. This bald donkey has something to ask of you. No matter whether it's good or bad, don't pay attention to him first. Don't wait for him to beg. Give him all his belongings. Don't obey him. If you use evil methods and strange treasures to block it, you can only rush forward and not hurt his primordial spirit. The voice at the bottom was broken, and the two women acted according to what they had said. Ling Xian deliberately said, "This monk is very determined. He is a wicked man. He is expected to go straight.". My sister is kind to others and is not worth haggling with him. Let's go. As he spoke, he went down. Not far away, Kong Xiao suddenly appeared and shouted, "You two sisters can't come and go today." Kong Xiao, the second daughter, blocked the way, but she did not get angry because of the guidance of the superior. Baoling said with a sneer, "My sister has seen through the trick of the bald donkey. I can't get what I want.". If you have the ability, just display it. If you win, you will be strong. There is no need to say more. When Kong Xiao heard this, he seemed to be surprised. After a moment's thought, he suddenly shouted angrily, "Ignorant and humble maidservant, your Buddha's work is about to be completed. My only weakness is the physical Dharma body. I already have the Dharma defense.". As soon as your flying swords entered my body, they were captured immediately. You dare not. At this time, I will meet the enemy with the primordial spirit. No matter how powerful the magic weapon and flying sword are, you can't hurt me at all. Then he raised his hand and a circle of white light protected his body first,Alumina Ceramic C795, followed by two blue lights flying out. The two women fought against each other with their flying swords, but ignored him. Kong Xiao seemed to be defeated, so he turned around and fled.