Evil spirit is awe-inspiring

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Then he raised his hand and a circle of white light protected his body first,Alumina Ceramic C795, followed by two blue lights flying out. The two women fought against each other with their flying swords, but ignored him. Kong Xiao seemed to be defeated, so he turned around and fled.

The main thing is my daily route in and out. Where I go every day, what route I take, and what people I follow around me are basically very clear to them. What makes me depressed is that they get a lot of information almost effortlessly. Just because my popularity is really high now, usually there are a lot of tabloids in the back of the paparazzi will stare at me, I have a lot of information, they do not even have to personally check, through the newspaper can get a lot. According to their confession, they originally planned two plans, the first is to find a route I am used to walking, and then shoot to kill me. Like near my company, take me out with a sniper rifle. But the plan was aborted. Because I am almost a shopkeeper now, I seldom go to the company, and my whereabouts are too uncertain now. After I came back from Los Angeles, I didn't have a fixed plan to do anything almost every day. Most of the time, I said that I would go out as soon as I thought of doing something. I didn't have any plan and rules to go in and out. They really couldn't figure out my rules of work and rest. So, the plan of squatting and shooting was aborted. Then I got the news of my wedding, and these people thought about the wedding party, the guests,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, the staff, the band, and so on and so on, and they thought about getting in at this time. Fortunately, where I live, the terrain is flat and there are no high-rise buildings around, so they can't arrange snipers. As a result,ceramic bobbin heater, they planned to tamper with my wedding cake. Wedding day, although I arranged a lot of men to maintain security, but after all, this is a wedding, not a military restricted area, no one thought that someone would come to me on this day of bad luck, people inevitably relaxed a little. And my house is really not a place conducive to protection, a big house, outside is a courtyard, surrounded by a circle of low walls, covering a large area, so dozens of men, but also to maintain order in the field, ceramic igniter electrodes ,Ceramic Bobbin, but also to guard the entrance outside to prevent the media from sneaking in? It's impossible to enclose the whole house. 。 These two guys are also skillful, directly found a dead corner of the place to climb over the wall and slip in. In fact, in addition to their hands and feet in the cake, there are preparations, that is, both of them have changed into ordinary clothes to fill the guests wandering in the venue? The guest of the day It's really not small. There are underworld and white road. Even I don't know all of them, let alone my men? Both of them had something on them, especially a miniature pistol with a plastic shell. Only two bullets can be fired. They thought it would be better if they could meet me in the venue before the wedding, so they killed me with a cold gun. As a result, I deserved my life. After Wood and Aze came, I almost pulled the two brothers into the bridal dressing room to chat, so that they didn't have a chance to kill me before the wedding. Finally, I had to use the last trick to kill me with the bomb in the cake. The bomb was timed! I had calculated the time, just in time for me to explode when I cut the cake. Honestly, at the wedding. Apart from the sixth sense in my heart, the biggest flaw that reminded me at that time was that it was a yellow man who pushed the cake out! This is the biggest flaw! Because I know very well that the pastry chef that Ciro found for me is a senior talent of the British royal family. Even if the pastry chef is too big to push the cake cart, it should be his deputy. And whether it's the pastry chef or his assistant, it's all white! But of course.. I was a little tired because I saw that Yan Di was drunk, so I just said a few words casually. Shorten the speaking time! This is beyond their expectation! Didn't come to make up (they wanted to make up as white people. In fact, it's very simple to get a little beard on your face, or simply make up to fool around. Maybe you can get over it.) Unfortunately, there was a mistake in time, so you can only push the cake cart out! Finally, I saw the flaw on the spot. The two killers I caught were just "professional talents" who took money to kill me, and naturally they had no quarrel with me. As for who commissioned their organization to deal with me, I don't know. They are just the front-line operators, and the clients can't ask. There is only so much information in my hand, and I really can't ask any more. I thought about it. Commanded to go down: "Did not use the ground word, put gunny bag to throw into the sea directly." Without saying anything, Xiao Huang turned around and prepared to go back to kill people, but then I called him: "Wait!" I thought about it and said, "Don't kill me first, and stay for another day.". Maybe I'll think of something to ask. Then I ran to the corner to pull up the pale bucktooth Zhou: "Lawyer Zhou, have you finished vomiting?"? Come back and discuss things after vomiting. Next to him, a brother came back with buckteeth, whose legs were already weak, and offered him hot tea to rinse his mouth. I told my brothers to back off, and I was left in the warehouse with Silo Bucktooth and Wooden Aze. The first thing is to find out who paid for my life. I rubbed my temples and glanced at Bucktooth Chow. "Of all of us, you have the best brain. Think about it." Bucktooth Zhou sat beside Wood. Wood had already changed his clothes, but he still smelled of blood. Bucktooth Zhou's face was a little pale. He gritted his teeth and said, "You have a lot of enemies. There are not one or two people who want you to die. How do I know?" I gave a wry smile. "Well,cordierite c520, people who want me dead …" Indeed, in my position today, there are many people who want me to die. There must be enemies. 。 global-ceramics.com