Nirvana in the last days

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Then he raised his hand and a circle of white light protected his body first,Alumina Ceramic C795, followed by two blue lights flying out. The two women fought against each other with their flying swords, but ignored him. Kong Xiao seemed to be defeated, so he turned around and fled.

All the way, you must listen to me. I saw those people disappear from sight. Zhao Yu led the unknown soldier to approach the monster again. Drop, drop "the interphone that gives out noisy sound all the time, seem to receive some information, give out the sound that is different from cacophony suddenly." Zhang Hao, is that you? Hearing the familiar voice, Zhao Yu was stunned. Reacting from surprise, some of his voices responded that although he did not know why the walkie-talkie had returned to normal, Zhang Hao's situation at this time should be quite dangerous. Probably because of the loud sound. Attract all kinds of dangerous monsters. Is that the officer. A few minutes later, Zhao Yu, who had been listening to the walkie-talkie, finally waited for Zhang Hao's answer. But his voice was a little weak, as if something terrible had happened to him. Shouted hurriedly. Sir, get out of here. Before he had finished speaking, his voice was cut off, and then the walkie-talkie seemed to be hit. Loss of the ability to transmit information after a loud noise. Silent hiding in the wilderness of the secret zone, followed by Zhao Yu's soldiers motionless. At this moment, he was still surprised to see an incredible scene. Just now, I noticed that Zhang Hao's walkie-talkie was destroyed. Zhao Yu's face became rather ugly. He let the obstructive soldier stay here and approach with terrible speed. Its exaggerated speed. Completely visible to the soldier. If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, it would be hard for a soldier to believe that an ordinary person could reach such a speed. What surprised him most was that all kinds of monsters around him did not find the existence of the officer and let him pass quickly. Hiss! It was Zhang Hao who looked at the slightly familiar face in front of him, and Zhao Yu's expression was somewhat frightened. The strong and obvious fluctuation was obviously coming from the monster, but he did not expect to find the weak fluctuation unexpectedly, which seemed to come from Zhang Hao. At this time, Zhang Hao,steatite c221, who also saw Zhao Yu, not only did not say hello to him, but seemed to lose his mind, sending out a suppressed low roar, which made people feel particularly strange. "If you want to know what's going on, please log in.". More chapters, support the author, support genuine reading! Volume II The Road to Nirvana Eighty-eight Zhang Hao's Mutation (Part Two) "Zhang Hao, is that you?" Zhao Yu's voice was afraid to attract the attention of the monsters around him. Moreover,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, the whole body is ready to attack, ready to deal with any accident at any time. As he expected, he did not wait for Zhang Hao's answer. Zhang Hao, who was constantly twitching, saw the existence of Zhao Yu and sent out a wave like a monster, which shocked Zhao Yu, who was highly concentrated. At first, he thought it was the mutant Zhang Hao who attacked him. But after receiving this fluctuation, there is no harm, unlike all kinds of fluctuations in the past, it seems to hide some information. He meditated and found that the fluctuation was as weak and curious as a newborn child. What's wrong with him? Zhao Yu, who was ready to attack, noticed something unusual in the fluctuation. He did not act rashly and waited quietly for the change in front of him. Every moment, Zhang Hao's fluctuations will be different, he is undergoing a terrible mutation, the surface of the skin flesh and blood irregular distortion. It's like billions of insects and ants walking through it. Although the scene looked so horrible, ceramic bobbin heater core ,alumina c799, Zhang Hao, lying on the ground, had no pain in his expression, as if he could not feel it. Wait for a moment, finally did not find any special changes. Zhao Yu approached him step by step, and at the same time, he also sent out a wave in response. The whole body trembles, the skin twists Zhang Hao, does not know because of Zhao Yu's approach, or because he sends out the undulation, suddenly sends out like the wild animal's low roar. Originally blank face, a ferocious, found that Zhao Yu did not stop, it struggled to climb up, found that he had nowhere to exert himself, it retreated a little bit, ferocious expression slowly turned into fear. Touching the frightened Zhang Hao gently, he watched his eyes show a meek look of pleading and even obedience. Zhao Yu thought silently. Could it be that, like Ling Rui at the beginning, it encountered some strange events and became like a newborn baby? Looking around as if facing a formidable enemy, Zhao Yu's spirit was instantly concentrated. He vaguely remembered that the transformation of Ling Rui at the beginning was caused by the monster. The first time we met, she was even ready to kill herself. Now Zhang Hao's strange state, perhaps also because of the monster, and at this time Zhang Hao has no memory at all, just like a beast lying on the ground. In vain, because of Zhang Hao's strange changes, Zhao Yu, who maintained a high degree of vigilance, heard a very weak friction sound coming from around him. Had it not been for his keen hearing, he might not have noticed it at all. He turned his head and looked around and found hills tens of meters high. He stretched out the blood of his fingertips and went straight up like Superman. As for Zhang Hao on the ground. He didn't have much to worry about. Now it, the transformation of the whole body is still in progress, it seems to take a lot of time, it is impossible to escape. Pythons, thousands of pythons, like the tide, from the direction of the monster. Press this way. Their faint arc indicates that they are enveloping the area. There was no time to think about what the python wanted to do. Zhao Yu rushed out of the hills quickly and pulled Zhang Hao with one hand, showing his extreme speed. A little bit away from here, pulling up with the python. Leave. Several twines of blood, with extremely tenacious strength, pulled Zhao Yu and the twitching Zhang Hao forward, gradually breaking away from the encirclement of the python. Away from the dangerous range, Zhao Yu relaxed a little. Still maintain an exaggerated adjustment. He detected a slight wave, detecting the wave of the monster. As soon as he received the waves around him, he was shocked to find that the monster seemed to be in a frenzy, and that the waves implied a wave of destruction. Unexpectedly, the fluctuation of Zhao Yu's contact with him almost collapsed. Moreover, all kinds of monsters gathered for unknown reasons have formed a huge encirclement. Running around crazily, as if looking for something. From the current situation, and the area they run, Zhao Yu vaguely judged that their target seems to be themselves. Boom! Zhao Yu, who was thinking about this, felt a terrible pain in his head. The body running at a high speed, like a football projected vigorously,10g Ozone Generator, hit the ground hard. Zhang Hao, who was carrying him in one hand, was also thrown dozens of meters away by gravity.