Golden Carving Dragon Pattern-Willow Setting Sun _ txt Novel Paradise

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Then he raised his hand and a circle of white light protected his body first,Alumina Ceramic C795, followed by two blue lights flying out. The two women fought against each other with their flying swords, but ignored him. Kong Xiao seemed to be defeated, so he turned around and fled.

Chu Yun thought painfully, and his eyes were filled with evil spirit: "Well, that's all right. Wouldn't it be too cheap for them to die so simply, given their own torment?"? No, I can't make them so happy. I want to make them die slowly, not only physically, but also mentally. Thinking, Chu Yun slowly walked to the front of a door in his right hand, his right foot suddenly closed, and his body shot up. The room was kicked open with a bang, but just as Chu Yun was getting fit, a pair of thin-edged steel gates embedded in the door frame were cut down with a whoosh and restored to their original state in an instant! Chu Yun did not enter, he slightly visited, found that although the layout of the room is very gorgeous, but there is no figure! So he began to follow suit, exploring seven or eight rooms in a row, except that every time he opened the door, he was attacked by different mechanisms, and the situation in each room was the same-gorgeous and empty! Chu Yun stands quietly in the corridor, let the thought make a careful inference again! "Since this huge building is called Xiao Ah Fang, it can be seen that its building must be very vast and magnificent, and there are many twists and turns. However, since I went upstairs, I have only seen the rooms beside this long corridor. It is deep enough, but there are not many twists and turns. It depends on the situation. Is there still a secret passage connecting the walls in this huge building?"? If so, it's really not easy to find out the good husband and the adulteress by one's own efforts. He meditated for a moment, and the sound of shouting and fighting downstairs suddenly turned fierce, and there was a faint mixture of boiling and noisy voices! Chu Yun mercilessly stamped his feet, swept around again, and swept to the end of the corridor with pleasure. With a turning point, his feet flew downstairs without touching the ground! Downstairs in the hall, not only the situation has become more ferocious and fierce, but also the number of people fighting has increased a lot, in addition to the desert butcher is still fighting green feather childe Shao Jing, the magic leopard wins no male, ShaJunzi Shengyang and sharp knife Sanlang season sales have arrived, is fighting with seven middle-aged men with long swords, inextricably linked. Chu Yun glanced coldly at the seven swordsmen,ceramic welding tape, knowing that they must be the so-called Seven Swords in Baijiao Fort, known as the role of "Seven Swords Falling Snow" in Jianghu. Shajunzi Shengyang and Kuaidao Sanlang Jipin seemed to have gone through many bloody battles. Not only were they bloodstained all over their bodies, but the scars on their skin were even more clearly visible. However, they seemed to be completely unaware of it. They were still like mad tigers rushing left and right to kill, and they were brave. The martial arts of Sha Junzi and Kuai Dao Sanlang are outstanding figures in the younger generation of the Golden Eagle Alliance. They are not only strange and ruthless, but also vigorous and fierce. However, they are not experienced in facing the enemy, so when they fight with the enemy, they are still not calm enough, and sometimes they are impetuous and greedy. The "Seven Swords Falling Snow" of the two opponents, the kungfu on the seven long swords is already excellent, the seven sword light cloth into a precise net, attack and retreat, very calm, although any one of the seven people fighting with the other side alone is not an opponent, but the combined strength of the seven people has greatly changed the situation, not only powerful, but also has the potential to gradually take the initiative! Chu Yun suddenly roared, suddenly burst out, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,ceramic bobbin element, palm style like a series of meteors flying down, rapidly hit the seven swords falling snow! Seven long swords flashed like a snake letter, and a fine awn came up to meet them, but- Like an invisible magic hand holding the seven long swords and shaking them, as soon as they touched the shadow of the palm, the seven swords buzzed and trembled, clanging and colliding. In the splashing of sparks, a thin blade knife bent like a half-arc flew like lightning. With the sound of "fox", the five internal organs of the stomach and intestines were scattered with blood rain all over the sky. A big man with a sword did not even hum a sound, that is, the corpse was broken! The other six people were so angry that they waited for the formation to be formed again. A heavy black hammer smashed down like a thunderstorm, only to hear half a cry, and a big head was smashed into a meat pie! ChuYun guffaw, sharp roar way: "Leave no one alive!" Shajunzi Shengyang and Kuaidao Sanlang Jikai were in high spirits. With a roar, the scimitar and the sharp hammer brandished and interweaved, and the momentum suddenly turned strong! Desert butcher KuSi see two big guard there has been successful, not anxious to roar, storm ten palm twenty a leg, shouted: "If you don't see the coffin and don't cry, if the Lord of this ring doesn't dissect your two corpses into eight pieces, he will swear not to be surnamed Ku!" In the cry, he quickly flashed through the green feather childe clap to the eleven palm, hard to refuse the magic leopard victory when the chest kicked seven legs, suddenly a big turn, a string of like snake shadow also like silver awn has suddenly and fiercely rolled out! Under the anger of the butcher in the desert, his weapon "silver lock ring" which has not been exposed for many years has been used. This "silver lock ring" is all made of silver alloy. It is connected by diamond rings with sharp edges and corners. It is not only extremely heavy, but also can be smashed, covered, hooked and pulled! As soon as the desert butcher Ku Si's weapon began to be used, it was the ruthless "big eight pieces" that he had trained so hard! A string of diamond-shaped light and shadow rushed down, like a big hailstone, and like a cold awn, the air sent out bursts of harsh roar, light and shadow with the roar, dense and compact, almost no room for people to turn around! Qingyu Childe Shao Jing's face suddenly changed, and after flashing three times, he was holding a triangular double-edged weapon in his hand, struggling to counterattack. With a roar of anger, the magic leopard won over Wu Gong and pulled out a pair of short crutches of the leopard's head, which was only three feet long and covered with black light, from his long gown. He made seven strokes in a row and refused to come. Desert butcher's feet stand like a mountain, not moving, waving his arms, "silver lock ring" flying in the air, electric awn shooting, one move after another, one type after another, endless attack. In the twinkling of an eye, three people in the splashing brilliant stars, has been hard to put together as many as sixteen strokes, desert butcher sense of propriety did not move, green feather childe and magic leopard win no male but was forced back six feet! Chu Yun Xiao Sha stood aside, his eyes cold left and right, he knew that the war situation in front of them had been invincible. Suddenly one Beyond all the killing shouts, shouts, the crash of the blade, a shrill roar that made people die, suddenly sent out from the air outside the building, coiled and turned, lasting for a long time! Chu Yun felt a shock in his heart,Kamado bbq grill, because he knew that it was the voice of the "ghost weeping arrow" in the alliance, and that the signal sent by the ghost arrow was a warning for help! Then, he Shen Li way:.