Don Quixote

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Wang Ya lowered her voice mysteriously, "They all said that General Manager Gu had someone else outside and wanted to repent marriage, so Manager He wanted to force marriage with pregnancy." "General Manager Gu?

"What are you being childish about, Master Don Louis?"? What's the big deal? It's worth coming here and wearing these rags. As he said, it's too inappropriate for your status. Tears welled up in the boy's eyes and he couldn't say a word to the judge's question. The judge told the four servants to calm down and everything would be all right. He took the boy by the hand, called him aside and asked him what he was doing here. While the judge was questioning the boy, he heard someone shouting at the door of the inn. It turned out that two of the guests who had stayed overnight saw that everyone was busy trying to find out the purpose of the four servants and wanted to take advantage of the chaos and slip away without paying the bill. But the shopkeeper, who was more interested in his business than in other people's business, caught the two men as they came out of the door, made them pay, and made them answer each other with such harsh remarks that the two men punched each other. They started beating the shopkeeper, who had to shout for help. The shopkeeper and her daughter saw that only Don Quixote had time to save the shopkeeper, so the girl said to Don Quixote: "For God's sake, my Lord knight, do your best to save my poor father, who is being tormented by those two villains." Don Quixote said, word by word, indifferently: Beautiful girl, I can't consider your request now,stainless tile trim, because I can't participate in other things until I finish one thing I promised. The only thing I can do for you now is to tell your father that he must stand up to this battle and not be defeated in any case. In the meantime, I went to beg Princess Mikomikona for permission to rescue me from distress. If she allows it, you can rest assured that I will rescue him. "Oh my God!" The ugly maid said, "When you get the permission you said, my master will have gone to the Elysium long ago." "Please let me ask this permission first, girl." Don Quixote said,stainless steel tile edging, "As long as I have this permission, it doesn't matter if he goes to the Elysium. I can save him from there, even if the world here opposes it. Or at least I can avenge him on the people who sent him to the Elysium, and you will be relieved." Without saying anything more, Don Quixote knelt down before Dorothea and asked her in the language of a knight-errant to grant him permission to rescue the castle officer who was in serious distress. The princess promised with a sigh. So Don Quixote came to the door of the inn with a leather shield in his hand and a sword. The two guests are continuing to beat the shopkeeper there. But as soon as Don Quixote arrived at the door, he stood still. The ugly maid asked him why he was standing still and why he had not hurried to save his master, and the shopkeeper asked him why he had not gone to save her husband. I stopped because it was illegal for me to attack a squire with a sword. Don Quixote said, "You go and ask my attendant Sancho to come here. It's his business to protect and avenge the officer." These things were happening at the door of the inn, and the fists were hitting the shopkeeper hard in the face and on the body, which made the shopkeeper very angry, as well as the ugly maid, the housekeeper and her daughter. They despaired of Don Quixote's cowardice and of the sufferings of their respective masters, stainless steel edge trim ,aluminum tile edge trim, husbands, and fathers. Let's not talk about the shopkeeper for the moment. Someone will save him anyway. If there is no one to save him, then let him endure the suffering, it is all his fault that he is rude and rude. Let's step back fifty paces and see how Don Louis answers the judge's questions. Just now we talked about the judge asking why Don Louis came here and wore such a shabby dress. The young man took the judge's hand tightly, as if he were enduring great pain in his heart, and said with tears: "I can only say to you, my Lord, that from the first moment I saw your daughter, Clara, my lover, since Providence made us neighbors, my heart has been conquered by her.". If you, a real adult, my father, do not object, I want to marry her today. I left my father's house for her and put on this dress for her, so that wherever she goes, I will follow her like an arrow chasing a target and a sailor looking at the Big Dipper. She did not know what I was thinking, but only a few times when she saw me with tears in my eyes. My Lord, you know my father's wealth and position, and that I am the sole heir. If you think this is enough for you to help us, you can treat me as your son now. If my father has other plans and is not satisfied with my own choice of happiness, time can change things beyond man's will. The amorous boy stopped talking here. When the judge heard these words, he was surprised and at a loss. This was due not only to the audacity of Don Louis, but also to the fact that he did not know how to deal with this sudden and unexpected event. He just asked Don Louis to calm down first, and to stabilize the servants, so that they would not rush back the same day, and now they needed time to think things over. Don Louis insisted on kissing the judge's hand, and tears fell on his hand. Not to mention the judge, even a person with a heart of stone will be softhearted when he sees this. The judge knew the marriage would be good for his daughter. But he was careful, and if possible, he wanted to get the permission of Don Louis's father. He heard that Don Louis's father was seeking a title for his son. At this time, the guests and the shopkeeper have stopped fighting. After Don Quixote's good advice, not threats, the guest had paid the owner all the money. Several servants of Don Louis are waiting for the results of the judge's conversation with Don Louis and the final decision of Don Louis. But the devil was not idle, and let the barber, who had been robbed of Mambrino's helmet by Don Quixote, enter the inn. Sancho had snatched the saddle from the barber's donkey and replaced it with his own. The barber led his donkey to the stable and saw Sancho preparing the saddle for his donkey. The barber recognized the saddle and rushed at Sancho, saying: "Hey,metal trim manufacturers, you thief, I finally caught you!"! Give me back the copper basin, the pack saddle and all the saddles! 。